Iconic Images/Canon Collective Photo Safaris 2018



Iconic Images/Canon Collective Photo Safaris Nov 2018 – Botswana & South Africa


You are invited to join Iconic Images and the team from The Canon Collective (www.canon.com.au/collective) on one or two (back-to-back) photo safaris in Botswana & South Africa in November 2018. Depending on your budget, you may select either or both safaris – the choice is yours!

What makes these photo safaris unique is not just their destinations (more on this later) but the Canon high performance camera equipment you will be able to try out whilst in Africa !! No other photo safari offers this, that I am aware of.

You will have shared access to Canon’s top cameras (including the 1DX Mk2, 5D Mk IV and 7D Mk II), as well as a selection of Canon’s top lenses (including the EF 200-400mm f4L IS, EF 500mm f/4 Mk II, EF 400mm f2.8L IS, EF 300mm f2.8L IS, EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS, and EF 100-400mm f3.5-5.6L IS II and more).

You will have available at least one super telephoto lens, a 70-200mm or 100-400mm lens and camera body as well as shared access to a range of wide-angle and other specialty Canon lenses during the photo safari.

Baby Elephant Walk

The equipment will be rotated between guests after each shoot to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to try out different cameras and lenses.

Furthermore, you fly between the game reserves to give you more time to photograph. Flying in small planes in Africa is a memorable experience in itself.

These two photo safaris provide a special opportunity for you and your friends to book either one of two 7-day safaris or combine the two into a 14-day safari. You will have three professional photographers, who specialise in wildlife and nature photography, to help you at all times. Irrespective of your photography knowledge or experience they will teach you how to capture the best of South Africa’s wildlife in three of its most intimate game reserves.

If ever there was an opportunity to enjoy a safari that is exclusively intimate, then this is it. The game reserves and lodges/camps we have selected are small, client focussed and all are owner/family run. There is a large difference in personal service at these smaller, owner run camps, where many of the guides, drivers and trackers have been working for many years on the property. This means they  know every inch of the reserve and how to get you into the best positions for photography.

These are small group safaris as each will have a maximum of twelve participants so that a high level of personalized instruction is available for photographers of all skill levels. In general there are no more than four (4) participants per professional photographer. This means we can focus on your individual needs and maximize your photographic opportunities. The end result is better value for your money and a more enjoyable experience for everyone in your group.

More Information?

If this overview has sparked your interest and you would like more information, read through the other Tabs. Alternatively, click HERE or the yellow ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON SAFARI button in the sidebar on the right.


The King of Safari Life

Ngala Safari Lodge:  The magic and mystery of Africa come alive in the colonial ambience of elegant &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge. A timeless, unhurried atmosphere, combined with the quaint traditions of a bygone era, creates an aura of romance and nostalgia. This old-world haven in the midst of the African bush will charm you with its colonial antiques, silver cutlery and crystal glassware.

Why you will love it

  • Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, first-time and repeat travellers
  • Twice-daily game drives, bush walks and walking safaris
  • ‘Big Five’ private game reserve that shares unfenced borders with the Kruger National Park
  • Later afternoon/evening game drives that can continue after nightfall
  • Sensitive off-roading practices allow close-up game sightings
  • Guest areas overlook private waterhole
  • Quite close to the reserve where the rare white lions of Timbavati roam.

Here, style and grace mingle faultlessly with the rugged natural beauty of the setting, as lawns give way to dense mopane thickets and wild animals saunter down to drink at the waterhole.

Mashatu Tent Camp:  Mashatu Game Reserve, in Botswana, is a varied terrain that offers the photographer open vistas and importantly, open scenes for photographing . Expect leopard, lion and cheetah at Mashatu but the highlight at Mashatu are the magnificent elephants herds.

The photography from the open vehicles is brilliant, but having exclusive access to two dedicated underground photographic hides for our group, means you will encounter elephant sightings like never before. Imagine being at eye level as elephants drink, splash and cavort in front of you, sometimes about a metre or so away from your lens!

If you also book the second safari, you will stay for another three days at Mashatu to explore the reserve some more. It being 35,000 hectares in size, there are more than enough photo opportunities to keep your cameras extremely busy.

250 px Wide_50O0257

Leopard in your Lens

Notten’s Bush Camp: The third camp on the itinerary and part of Photo Safari 2  is run by the Notten family, in the heart of the famous Sabi Sands Reserve. It is one of the finest family run lodges in Africa, and probably the best kept secret in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve & Greater Kruger National Park area. As one of the original private game lodges in South Africa, the camp offers a truly authentic African safari experience. We will have exclusive use of the whole camp during our time there. Expect many sightings of the ‘Big 5’, night drives and brilliant bird life.

To find out more about the camps, click on the individual links above. Linger for a while on the uniqueness of each, imagining you were there.

You will appreciate the extremely high standard of accommodation we have chosen for you.

Whether you decide on one or both photo safaris you will enjoy exclusivity, intimacy and unparalleled photography of Africa’s wildlife.


Denis Glennon Photography

Kingfisher Posing

If you decide to join us, you can expect

  • Two exceptional professional photographers – Andre Cloete (C4 Photo Safaris, South Africa) and Jay Collier (Canon Australia) who will be assisted by a third professional photographer yet to be chosen.
  • Meticulous planning and the highest standard of on-ground operations.
  • Exceptional wildlife viewing and amazing photography.
  • Excellent accommodation in settings that will surprise you.
  • Food ranging from very good to gourmet.
  • Outstanding drivers, trackers and guides with local knowledge who will impress the most demanding photographer/traveller.
  • A carefully designed itinerary that reveals Africa to you at the right pace and price.
  • Short flights between the reserves to give you more time to photograph.
  • Arriving home with a great collection of images and unforgettable memories.

If you are lucky, you may photograph the rare white lions of Timbavati

A white lion is a normal healthy lion which displays the effects of a recessive gene known as the chinchilla or colour inhibitor. The condition displayed is known as “leucism’ and is distinct from albinism. These lions are not albinos and have normal eyes. In fact, white lions are born from tawny parents – ‘normal’ lions – who carry the recessive white lion gene. Three white lions are known to frequent the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, where we will spend three days.

Lilac Breasted Roller Duo

You will have three professional wildlife photographers and some of the best trackers and drivers

On each safari you will be accompanied by the three professional wildlife photographers to provide every assistance to you. Their aim is to ensure you return with the best possible images. If you are a beginner photographer, do not worry – we will teach you. We also ensure experienced photographers will capture some stunning images and learn some advanced skills. Our drivers take the time to move us away from the crowds affording us the opportunity to find wildlife that others are not seeing and, in many cases, we will have these opportunities all to ourselves. They are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care about providing you with the best photo safari possible.

Expect to photograph the most elusive of Africa’s big cats – the leopard

Leopards are the most elusive and arguably the most beautiful of the African predator cats. They seem to choose who photographs them. Our experienced drivers/guides will track them and you will be astounded when you see how close they will take you to photograph these magnificent animals.

Experience the hair-raising arrival of a herd of elephants as they pass within metres of your camera lens

Did you ever think you might photograph an elephant herd from a perspective similar to that lying on your tummy? And, with the nearest elephant not more than a few metres from your lens? To get a feel for what this photographic experience can be like, have a look at this short video.

Not more than four photographers per vehicle

Having no more than four photographers/persons per vehicle gives you plenty of space for photographing. This arrangement works especially well for photographers using larger telephoto lenses and yet allows enough space for spouses/partners who just wish to sit and enjoy the spirit of Africa.

Travel with a small group of like-minded photographers and lovers of nature

You will be travelling with photographers who help each other and have fun together on a safari designed specifically for photography.

Wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Seeing Discovery Channel or Animal Planet come to life in front of you is something you will remember forever. Do not be surprised if Africa gets in to your soul just as it has for many of our past friends who continue to find their way back!

Take a few minutes to see what you could experience on these photo safaris. Click the ‘Play’ arrow below and enjoy

Purple Roller Portrait

Dates & Summary Itinerary

African Hair Drying

Lion at Hairdresser

Two photo safaris are offered. You can select either one or both.

Photo Safari 1 commences at Johannesburg Airport on 10 November 2018 and finishes at Johannesburg Airport on 17 November 2018.

Photo Safari 2 commences at Johannesburg Airport on 17 November 2018 and finishes at Johannesburg Airport on 24 November 2018.



 10 Nov  Johannesburg/Tanda Tula air transfer  Ngala Safari Lodge – 3 nights
 13 Nov  Tanda Tula/Mashatu air transfer  Mashatu Tent Camp – 4 nights
 17 Nov  Mashatu/Johannesburg air transfer  N/A


 17 Nov  Johannesburg/Mashatu air transfer  Mashatu Tent Camp – 3 nights
 20 Nov  Mashatu/Notten’s Camp air transfer  Notten’s Bush Camp – 4 nights
 24 Nov  Notten’s Camp/Johannesburg air transfer  N/A

For your convenience direct links to each camp, are provided above; for more details, simply click on the name of the camp.

If you book both safaris you will have seven nights at Mashatu Game Reserve giving you additional access to Africa’s best underground hides and receive a discount of US$1,500.00/person.

You can download the more comprehensive itinerary by clicking the DOWNLOAD ITINERARY button in the sidebar on the right.

Familial Bond

Check-in Time on Day 1 of Each Safari

You will be required to check in at Johannesburg Airport on Day 1 of each safari, at 9.00am. If your international flight does not allow you to do this and you need to arrive in Africa earlier, we can arrange overnight accommodation at a 4-star hotel within the airport complex e.g. at Peermont Mondior Hotel. The cost of this accommodation will be US$150/person sharing or US$300/person unshared and is additional to the safari cost. Please note, the check-in time at the hotel is 15.00hrs and those arriving in Johannesburg very early in the morning and requiring immediate access to the hotel room, will need to book an extra night. If you require this pre-safari accommodation, please contact Nick Missikos on +61 8 9221 9977 or send an email to nick@owtravel.com.au

Costs, Terms of Payment, How to Register, Separate Canon Deed Poll & Visas


  1. The cost per photo safari is: US$9,975.00 per person, twin share, (or the equivalent in AU$ at the time of making the final payment), excluding international flights to/from Africa.
  2. A single supplement of US$2,500 (or the equivalent in AU$ when registering) applies, if specifically requested. Please note this single supplement applies to each safari and is payable, in full, at the time of registration. If you are a single traveller we will do our best to find a suitable person to share the room/tent. If we are unable to find a suitable person, you will be placed in a single room and charged the single supplement fee. Iconic Images will endeavour to place a participant seeking shared accommodation with another compatible, participant requiring the same. Prior to allocating shared accommodation to participants not known to each other, subject to their approval, we will introduce the participants to each other, to check if both are happy to share the room/tent. In the event they do not wish to share the room/tent and a compatible, participant is unavailable to share a room/tent, all participants occupying unshared rooms/tents on the tour will be required to pay the single supplement cost. Whilst Iconic Images will, of course, make every effort to assist, we will not be responsible for securing compatible travelling companions for those seeking shared accommodation.
  3. Note, there are only two unshared rooms/tents available per safari, in each camp.
  4. If you decide to register on both tours you will receive a discount of US$1,500.00 per person.

Terms of Payment

Terms of Payment are as follows:

1. A non-refundable 25% deposit at the time of submitting the completed Registration Form and the Canon Deed  Poll Form.

Elephants at Toe Level

2. A second non-refundable deposit of 25% on or before Fri 9th March 2018.

3. A final payment of the remaining 50%, on or before Fri 13th July 2018.

4. Should you wish to pay by credit card, which is acceptable, a fee of 2% will be charged by the sole booking agent, Our World Travel.

5. Please note, deposits are non-refundable unless we cancel the photo safari.

How to Register

To register, you are required to complete two forms:

  1. The Iconic Images International (III) Registration Form. [State clearly on the form whether it is Safari 1 or Safari 2].
  2. The Canon Deed Poll Form.


    Nature in the Raw

If you are registering for both Photo Safari 1 and Photo Safari 2 you need only complete one III Registration Form, stating clearly you are registering for both Safari 1 & Safari 2. Also you need only complete one Canon Deed Poll Form.

To download the III Registration Form and the Canon Deed Poll Form click the “REGISTRATION FORMS” button in the sidebar, download and print a copy of each form, complete all three pages of the III Registration Form and the one page Canon Deed Poll Form. When you are satisfied you have provided all the information requested, return both forms, together with payment of the first 25% deposit, to: Our World Travel, Shop 1/113 Royal Street, East Perth, Perth WA 6004, Australia, attention Mr Nick Missikos.

Notes on Currency, Personal Expenses

Please note, the cost of these safaris is in US dollars as Iconic Images must pay the on-ground suppliers in US dollars.

To minimize currency exchange risks for you, it is preferable if you make payments in US dollars to the US dollar bank account of the travel agent, Our World Travel.

To obtain details of this account please contact Janet or Nick Missikos on +61 8 9221 9977 or send an email to nick@owtravel.com.au

Should you wish to use your credit card for payment in US dollars please check with your bank or financial institution to determine the most cost-effective way to do this.

Costs of accommodation before or after a photo safari, and costs of travel insurance, passport, visas, yellow fever certificates and the like, are personal costs. These costs, if incurred, are additional to the cost of the photo safari.

Visas & Yellow Fever Inoculation

Australian passport holders do not require an entry visa for either South Africa or Botswana.

For information on Yellow Fever inoculations please see  Page 15 in the Itinerary & Other Information PDF you can download by clicking “DOWNLOAD ITINERARY” in the side box.

If You Would Like More Details

Okonjima Leopard 250 px Wide_32P0591

Leopard Stealth

If you would like to discuss any aspect of international flights or the obligatory travel insurance, please contact Mr Nick Missikos on 08 9221 9977. Alternatively you may email Nick Missikos at Nick@owtravel.com.au

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the photo safari, including queries on camera equipment, before making a decision to join us, contact either:

Denis Glennon AO on 0418 923 103 or denis@denisglennon.com or Jay Collier on 0410 608 790 or  email to Jay.COLLIER@canon.com.au

Ensure you download the comprehensive itinerary containing most of the information you will initially need, by clicking on “DOWNLOAD ITINERARY’ in the box on the right hand side.

If this photo safari is not for you, perhaps you might consider forwarding the information to a friend, who may like to know about it.

Pre-departure Information

To assist you prepare for this photo safari I have compiled a comprehensive, downloadable and printable PDF. It contains helpful information on:

  1. Travelling with and looking after your photographic equipment in Africa.

    Baboon Baby Mum

    Baby Carrier

  2. Downloading and backing-up images every day – a must.
  3. Power supply in Botswana & South Africa for charging batteries, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.
  4. Vehicle etiquette and consideration for fellow passengers and photographers.
  5. Keeping healthy in Africa.
  6. Money matters in Botswana & South Africa.
  7. Immigration and Customs at Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa.
  8. Arrangements to meet you on arrival at Johannesburg International Airport.
  9. Travel documents, personal items & clothing checklist.
  10. Personal medical items checklist.
  11. Camera equipment checklist – this is a comprehensive checklist; do not be overwhelmed.
  12. Summary itinerary.
  13. Your Tour Leader and Professional Photographers.
  14. Guide to paying gratuities/tips.


    Giraffe Water Art

  15. Suggested choice of lenses and other camera equipment for the photo safaris.

The information in this PDF will enrich your photo safari and help you to return home with iconic images, and many magnificent memories as well as helping you with selecting and packing your camera equipment and other essential items for the tour.

A copy of this PDF will be forwarded to all registered participants, approximately six weeks before the commencement of their photo safari.

Mashatu Tent Camp - Botswana


If you would like to discuss any aspect of international flights for the photo safari, please contact the sole booking agent, Our World Travel – East Perth, on 08 9221 9977 and request to speak to Mr Nick Missikos. Alternatively you can email Nick Missikos at Nick@owtravel.com.au

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the photo safari, before making a decision to join us, please contact either:

Denis Glennon AO on 0418 923 103 or denis@denisglennon.com or Jay Collier on 0410 608 790 or Jay.COLLIER@canon.com.au


Download the PDF containing full details on payment terms and registration, the itinerary, what is/is not included, cancellation policy and fees, compulsory travel insurance, health considerations, responsibility, liability, and packing camera gear for travel.



To reserve a place, download, print a copy of each form, complete and return both the III Registration Form and the Canon Deed Poll Form to Our World Travel.




Iconic Images is the exclusive representative/agent for C4 Photo Safaris, South Africa, in Australia & New Zealand.

C4 Photo Safaris provides the on-ground logistics for Iconic Images' photo safaris/tours in Africa and is a SATSA member. The SATSA logo signifies that C4 Photo Safaris offers services that are of the highest quality and the company is deemed to be a credible and reliable provider of services to the tourism industry in South Africa. These services are independently audited on an annual basis. SATSA members are bonded, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held against the involuntary liquidation of a SATSA member.

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