It's about the joy and experience of connecting with the subject.

Iconic Images International

I founded Iconic Images to help people find and capture their own “inspired moments” whilst traveling and photographing, in small groups, to iconic destinations – moments they will treasure for a lifetime. It’s about introducing them to many of the great destinations on the planet, at the best times, in the best light in order to capture compelling images, transposing what they see in their viewfinder, conceive in their mind’s eye, feel in their heart and touches their soul, as they press the shutter button.

I am passionate about enriching the photography of those who travel with me, especially when they incorporate into their images something of their personal reaction to the experience they are part of. Iconic Images International is about the experience of connecting with the subject; it is beyond mere travel photography.

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"If all this contributes, even in small ways, to the preservation of our diminishing wildlife and cultures, then I am particularly pleased."

Denis Glennon AO

NATURE - Balm for the Soul

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Iconic East Africa

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