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  1. Laura Fraser September 17, 2019 at 7:58 am #

    Dear Denis,
    I wanted to thank you for providing a lifetime experience for our group of Calafornian photographers.
    I had been waiting to write you until receiving evaluation forms from our Africa Photo Safari tour participants. Needless to say the unanimous opinion of the tour was that it was excellent and exceeded all expectations.

    Our evaluation form has 21 questions many of which ask for a rating of 1-5 with 1 being excellent. I have attached a copy of the form for your review.
    Let me begin by saying that on all performance issues including our pre departure information, tour staff, daily excursions, hotel staff, post tours and overall ratings there are only number “1”s and even “1+”s. When asked if the tour exceeded, met or fell short of expectations all responses were that it exceeded expectations and some with +++ above expectations!

    Some special comments:

    “The game drives were by far the most exciting part of this trip! Open-topped Jeeps, limited people in each, excellent drivers and trackers, all led to a wonderful experience.”

    “The game drives were the best! The most exciting experience I have ever had!”

    “Each drive brought new sightings, experiences and adventures. I was excited to see so many animals in the wild and watch their behavior.”

    “All documents and materials were very informative and professional. Our pre-trip meetings were valuable for the info shared.”

    “All of my questions were answered by Laura and Denis – so much appreciated! Laura’s help with the airlines was priceless!”

    “All accommodations were elegant and luxurious – exceeded my expectations – every one! The staff at the three lodges were outstanding and we were treated like royalty.”

    “Laura, you have given us photographer guides that are the best in their fields – Denis & Shem. Could we have asked for anyone better? I don’t think so!”

    “Both photographers/leaders and your organization made the trip.”

    “I would definitely recommend Denis to future travellers. He offered photo suggestions on the drives – greatly appreciated.”

    (With !! marks after managing logistics and interaction with travelers).

    “Shem’s attention to us was valuable and appreciated.”

    “Especially appreciated Shem’s participation in the Victoria Falls extension.”

    “If pictures are a true reflection of the success of the tour, then my 15,735 says it all.”

    “It was definitely a trip of a lifetime. It easily exceeded our expectations. Personally, I don’t think it could have been better.”

    I did take note of a couple of suggestions offered on the Victoria Falls extension. One couple was disappointed in the water levels of the Falls (although we noted earlier it was a season of low flow) and another couple wished they had 2 more days at the Falls. Two very diverse comments.

    All accommodations listed as excellent (1) Tambo Intercontinental only hotel listed as a (2). After such luxurious accommodations at the camps this is not surprising.

    There was also a comment to the affect that birding photography should be separate. There was some frustration in stopping so long waiting for the opportunity for a bird to take flight when others were tracking larger animals.

    To add a personal comment as a non photographer I must say I would suggest any non photographer (as long as it was acceptable to the group) to participate on a photo tour. For me personally to have limited persons on a vehicle, take the opportunity to track animals in action, have the guides use the vehicles to set up good shots and of course to use the blinds was what made the trip exceptional.

    Denis, I’ll let all the superlative remarks above speak for me and again attribute such success to your expertise and persistence in giving our group a more than exceptional experience. The only dilemma for me now is to find anything that will compare to this fantastic experience! Which brings me to the point that we should do this again! Actually I have had a couple of spin off requests from this group and would like to pursue taking a look at your upcoming trip itineraries as well as be able to reserve individual clients on you scheduled tours. Please advise how this would work for you.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you!

    My very best wishes,
    Laura Fraser, CTC
    Cabo Blanco Enterprises

  2. gary nichols August 16, 2019 at 8:22 am #


    Honestly, Sue and I have been putting off commenting on our trip because we just couldn’t find the words to adequately convey how wonderful the experience you & Shem provided to us in Africa.

    A year and a half in the making, our expectations where quickly exceeded with abundant wildlife, excellent accommodations, wonderful people.

    Inspirational/Ah-Ah moments where too numerous to mention and only could have been possible by your planning and our lodge hosts attention to detail.

    The memories of the photo safari will stay with us for a life time.

    Our photo images will always document the trip but the experience remains in the mind’s eye – experience of a life time.

    The wildlife was the focus of the trip but we quickly came to appreciate the culture of South Africa and Botswana as much and they did go hand in hand.

    At this point, most people reading this would be getting the point that we are whole-heartedly recommending you and Shem for their future photo safari.

    Our sincerest thanks.

    Best Wishes to you and Una.

    Gary and Sue Nichols

  3. Richard & Cheryl Strahl August 13, 2019 at 11:08 am #

    Richard and I have been home for a week now, but we are still basking in the after-glow of our southern Africa Photo Safari (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia) led by you and Shem Compion.
    As others have said, it was indeed the trip of a lifetime, and we are both so glad that we were part of your group – our first time visiting Africa.
    Oh my….. where should I begin!
    Maybe with the outstanding photographer-leaders of our photographic journey, or the luxurious lodges where we were treated like royalty, or the numerous game drives (each one so different, so special, so amazing with such exceptionally knowledgeable drivers and trackers), or the excellent food (we ate way too much, but we have no regrets whatsoever), or the welcome coffee break in the field in the morning and the fun sundowners in the evening – where we all toasted each other and another magnificent day in the wild.
    And, the variety of wild animals!
    We saw so many, including two of the three while lions existing in the wild today – and a lion kill of a Cape Buffalo.
    And, as Torin mentioned, the people of Africa were such a integral part of our trip – so resilient, so welcoming.
    Could the tour have been better? We don’t think so.
    And this was all due to the expert planning, organisation, experience, attention to detail, and competency of our guides.
    Both you and Shem Compion are very highly recommended for anyone interested in an in-depth and photographic tour of southern Africa.
    We can’t imagine that there is a better pair of photographer/guides available to create the perfect African experience.
    Both Richard and I are so grateful to you both for our magnificent adventure – thank you! We will be back… in 6 years …. with our grandson!
    However, there is one drawback: we wish Africa was so much closer to central California!
    Cheryl & Richard

  4. Torin Knorr August 10, 2019 at 12:32 pm #

    Just now relaxing after a long flight home from what was one of the best 3 weeks ever!
    When I learned that both you and Shen would be leading this photographic journey thru Africa, I knew both Judy and I were in for a trip of a lifetime.
    Our time in the two safari lodges were filled with good friends, great drivers and trackers, all led by you and Shem.
    You guys, managed to handle some difficult issues without losing a beat.
    I have started to cull thru the 12,000 images with total excitement.
    Not only remembering each event but amazed at the variety of wildlife you’re brought to our Photographic Adventure.
    I could not be more pleased to share these images with friends and family, along with the story behind them.
    Once again I wish to thank you, Shem and all of the staff at Ngala Safari Lodge and Mashatu Lodge for this First Class experience.
    One of my treasured gifts from this trip was meeting the beautiful people of Africa.
    What an unexpected gift that will last my lifetime. Truly a life changer!
    I am sure our paths will meet again, with cameras in tow and new adventures to explore.
    “We came in Peace and did not leave in Pieces”
    Thank you!
    Torin and Judy

  5. Alice Cahill August 10, 2019 at 10:16 am #

    Our trip to Africa with you and Shem was truly the trip of a lifetime.
    The experience far exceeded my expectations.
    Thank you so much for your fine leadership and organisational skills to make this happen for all of us.
    I returned home with over 15,000 images – yikes!!!
    I have my work cut out for me, but I’m sure I’ll find some gems buried in there.
    I think Don gave you a good rundown on the rest of our trip.
    Your Kingfisher and Ground Hornbill with snake images are outstanding; I admire your photography greatly.
    I did figure out how to access my video images and all my images made it home safely.
    I will definitely recommend Iconic Images to my photographer friends and I hope we have the opportunity to take another adventure with you.

    Take care,
    Alice Cahill

  6. Holger Boch August 10, 2019 at 9:34 am #

    Dear Denis,
    We are back home after a comfortable and safe flight and now the hard work (post-processing) begins.
    Brigitte & I want to thank you and Shem for the magnificent days in Ngala & Mashatu.
    We rarely had such rich wildlife photography with so many different sort of animals in nine days. So many!!!
    We had much pleasure with the lions, cheetahs and leopards with their cubs.
    The hide in Mashatu was totally new for us, as we never before had the chance to view and photograph wild animals, while drinking.
    Brigitte got her “Drinking Giraffe” and is very happy.
    We finally got our different discussions to a working composition, so all has been satisfied and we will always look back on the safari as a wonderful time in SA/Botswana.
    The video we asked for is on your website at https://www.iconicimagesinternational.com/video.
    It is the last one, titled “Iconic East Africa” i.e. the safari we did with you in 2014.
    We look forward to hearing from you and Una.
    Warm Regards
    Brigitte & Holger

  7. Don Henderson August 6, 2019 at 11:56 pm #

    Hi Denis,
    We returned home last night after 40 hours of travel and waiting, and I’m writing this on jet lag energy.
    Our African photo safari was outstanding including our side excursion to Zambia. There we had multiple croc sightings, some in extraordinary light, a few hippo sightings, but nothing extraordinary, and some birds. The visit to the Rhino sanctuary was particularly fun as the 2-month old put out considerable energy for our lenses. The accommodation and staff at Sussi and Chuma Lodge were cordial and the setting is quite peaceful.
    I want to mention that Shem provided a huge service to us when we discovered that we could not ship our luggage from Livingston directly to Los Angeles. He immediately called Johannesburg and a woman, I gather from Iconic Images, and a lady met us at the airport and walked us through, getting the luggage, and us, to British Airways in time for the security check and next flight– highly appreciated.
    If we choose a future trip I would like some time in a different vehicle from Alice to get the benefit of another angle on our subject.
    Alice’s external hard drive crashed, but luckily mine did not, so she was still able to back up her images. In addition, my CF Card Reader stopped accepting my cards, so I was unable to back up two cards. With more free time, which I found was little, I could have borrowed Cheryl’s reader, but could not get that scheduled. Since Alice and I don’t like to carry laptops along with all the other gear, on any future trip we’d have to be prepared to participate in the photo sharing in some other way.
    Both you and Shem’s leadership were exceptional (compared to a number of photo trips we’ve been on), well appreciated and I noticed how you each interacted, as close friends, with all the staff we had.
    Alice and I alternate for trip planning. I chose Botswana, Alice has next year.
    We’ll see how our images come out, and how the future unfolds.
    For a first time Africa photo safari we were delighted with the opportunities we had.
    All the best,
    Don Henderson

  8. Annette Wright August 2, 2019 at 6:48 pm #

    Hi Denis,
    Thank you for hosting our extraordinary experience in Patagonia.
    Patagonia had been a long standing bucket list item for me, yet I’d hesitated to go solo, I had such high expectations of the iconic images I hoped to capture.
    Our expert guiding and photography tuition was invaluable in getting those shots, but critically in a location like Patagonia, even getting to the iconic locations and, in time for the converted morning and late afternoon light, was the real advantage of this tour and that only comes with experience!
    My portfolio has been bolstered with images beyond my expectations together with fond memories which are priceless.
    Thank you,

  9. Rod June 18, 2019 at 8:07 pm #

    Dear Denis,
    I had an amazing time in Patagonia. The scenery was spectacular and the light brilliant for photography. Thank you for continuing to proceed with the trip despite the small numbers – you kept your word to me and your integrity deserves special mention.
    It also meant we got more quality teaching time with our guide Hougaard!
    Thanks for your pre-tour suggestions to visit Iguazu Falls, which was awesome, and Los Pecanes to photograph the hummingbirds – challenging to do but we got some incredible keeper photos!
    All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would happily go again!!

  10. Desiree Fairbairn December 17, 2018 at 9:50 am #

    Hi Denis,
    Another trip of a lifetime ….. so far I have had two.
    This trip was amazing, to top it off the white lion cub was out of this world. To witness such a rare sighting and to get amazing images did it all for me.
    Andre, Jay and Gemma helped where help was needed.
    Ngala and Notten’s were absolutely perfect for me.
    I know that we booked on back to back trips but it made Mashatu a little bit too long for my liking. The photomashatu vehicle is a very nice addition.
    The food and atmosphere in all camps met our expectation and beyond. The drivers and staff made our safari trips memorable.
    Notten would have to be my most favourite place to stay.
    All in all very happy with the quality of the trip and may I add I love not having to drive between camps.
    I have travelled Africa and Kenya by road and that is not such a nice experience.
    I would definitely book again, but it is a shame that we don’t have the big lenses and cameras available to us again.

  11. Peter Morris October 8, 2017 at 10:06 am #

    Better than a holiday. An unbelievable life experience that will stay with us forever. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect even though I had been to Africa a couple of times before, about 40 years ago. I promised myself then, if ever I returned it would be done in comfort and style. This trip far exceeded our expectations.

    After just 17 days from start to finish (it seemed like four weeks) taking in two game reserves,Tanda Tula in South Africa, Mashatu in Botswana plus a week on the Garden Route in SA later, and the beautiful winelands around Franschhoek and finishing in Cape Town, resulted in one of THE best times we’ve ever had.

    Our trip wasn’t an organised photographic tour as such. We had limited time and budget and asked Denis what was possible within those paremeters that would suit us (I’m a professional photographer and my wife who is a teacher).

    Africa wan’t her first choice as a travel destination. She has minimal interest in wildlife but fortunately a maximum interest in wine and the good life. Denis did an amazing job, and at short notice, fulfilling both our needs and as a bonus, my wife now has a very healthy appreciation of the animal kingdom and life in southern Africa.

    The whole experience was fantastic for both of us. Absolutely everything went to plan and the accommodation, game drives and the people connected to them were simply amazing, and in a couple of cases unbelievable. I can’t say enough about how professional and friendly the trackers and lodge staff were. Just brilliant. We also met some amazing fellow travellers and socially we had a great time also.

    I literally had tears in my eyes when we left Mashatu in Botswana, as I do now when I reflect on it and the entire experience. It was instant connection for us.

    Denis, thank you for organising (to perfection) such a brilliant experience.

    Pete and Jenny Morris

  12. Helen Newnham March 21, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Hi Denis
    Ethiopia was exceptional for many reasons. It was extremely diverse.
    The Simien Mts were spectacular with grand canyon type scenery and the Gelada monkeys who seemed undisturbed by our presence as they fed around us. No need for long lenses here.
    Lalibela was a place I have wanted to visit for sometime and it didn’t disappoint. The monolithic churches were quite extraordinary not only for their age but the simple feat of building them. Very special.
    Then down to the Omo Valley where even flying in and out of Mizan on a charter plane was an experience. We became the photographed as the locals whipped out their mobiles and took photos of us. The remote tribes were very special and I have come away with some fantastic photos. But it was not only about the photos. I now have a greater understanding of their way of life and culture thanks to Robel and our local guides.
    I have to say security was an issue for me before we left but took comfort from the fact that I have done a number of trips with with Denis and Shem and felt that every detail would have been taken care of and it was without exception. I felt safer in Ethiopia than I have in a number of other countries.
    With the 2018 tour including the Bale Mts on the itinerary I might have to go again.
    If there is one criticism of this trip it is that we didn’t get the opportunity to photograph the Ethiopian wolf, the most endanger carnivore in the world.
    A huge thank you to Denis, Shem and Robel.

  13. Una Glennon March 19, 2017 at 3:41 pm #

    Our recent trip to Ethiopia will surely top my list of best holiday destinations so far. This is a truly remarkable country and we traversed it from North to South.
    The Simien mountains were spectacular in the early morning light as the sun stole across the landscape highlighting the diverse colours of the trees, grasses and wild flowers. Then to come across a troop of Gelada monkeys quietly feeding, totally unfazed by our presence, to be able to spend time in this setting photographing at our leisure was a truly numinous experience.

    To contrast this we then went to Gondar where we photographed the noisy, drum beating, chanting, colourfully clad participants in the procession following the replica of the Ark of the Covenant through the town to celebrate the Epiphany.

    Next was the hewn churches at Lalibela. This world heritage listed site provided ample opportunities for great photography.
    The highlight of the trip for me was the various tribes of the Omo Valley. In all we visited five different tribes.
    We were welcomed into all the villages and allowed to photograph at our leisure. The body adornments and painting were spectacular and the resulting photographs exceeded all my expectations.

    Having completed the trip I now realise what a logistical feat this was to put all this together in one package.
    The distances between destinations, the state of the roads, the paucity of good accommodation, were all major hurdles to overcome, not to mention gaining access to all the tribes. Yet we traveled in comfort and were rarely aware of the hard work going on behind the scenes to make it all possible.

    Thank you Denis, Shem and Robel.

    I feel very privileged indeed to have experienced this remarkable country before it becomes overtaken by western influences.

  14. chris fitzpatrick March 18, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    It is difficult to describe how I feel about my trip to Ethiopia. It was an overwhelmingly fantastic experience where I was constantly pinching myself. I had long wanted to see the crosses and churches of Lalibela, but it was the peoples of the Omo Valley who took my heart.
    As a keen photographer who clings to their little digital because I always like to have it in my bag to take almost daily photos, I was hesitant about joining a photographic tour expecting everyone to be better equipped and more experienced than I am. But I quickly learned that this was irrelevant. The patience, support and knowledge given generously by Denis and Shem were fantastic. And I now have the most amazing photos to swoon over daily….. and I am.
    Ably assisted by our local guide Robel, we gained access to the tribespeople I could never have imagined possible.
    Not only did all the group (from 4 continents) get on well together, but their shared knowledge of both photography and travels was also appreciated….and a valuable resource for the future.
    There were times when the going was rough and tough, but I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it. The only downside is that I think it may have spoilt all my future travel (ad)ventures.
    Thank you again to Denis, Shem and Robel.

  15. Tony Lawrence March 13, 2017 at 5:28 pm #

    Dear Denis,

    I knew when I read the itinerary for the Iconic Images/C4 photo tour to Ethiopia encompassing the best of north and south Ethiopia that this was going to be an intricate logistical and organisational exercise.
    Having travelled with you and Shem on three other occasions including Antarctica and Namibia I had no doubt that you would have the organisational skills to make such a trip feasible.
    Let me say quite simply that despite the challenges travelling in such remote areas can bring, this trip was an unqualified success.
    The quality of the photo opportunities was outstanding.
    The interaction, through Robel as intermediary, with the local people, particularly in the Omo Valley, meant that the ability to capture intimate portraits was far beyond what I had hoped to achieve.
    Please thank Robel for his excellent on the ground skills and particularly his negotiating skills with the locals who all seem to know him!
    I thoroughly enjoyed every day of this trip, creating what I consider to be some of my best images.

    It is very difficult to pick the highlights of the trip as there were so many but I will certainly always remember the superb photography of Gelada monkeys in soft backlit light on the cliff edge in the Simien mountains and the first time we met and photographed the Suri tribe in the remote lower Omo valley.
    On behalf of Penny, Felicity and myself once again thank you Denis, Shem and Robel for this superb photo tour of Ethiopia.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Lawrence

  16. Graeme Allan February 27, 2017 at 3:02 pm #

    Dear Denis, Shem and Robel.

    The just concluded photographic odyssey in Ethiopia was an outstanding success. The Northern tour was a full trip in itself, with the beautiful Simien Mountains, Gelada monkeys, the highest Lodge in Africa. This was followed by the colourful spectacle of the Timket parade to celebrate the Epiphany in Gondar and the next morning by the dawn service and baptisms at the Queen Mentewab pool. This was topped by the magnificent granite Churches in Lalibela. I felt privileged to be included in your small group to experience these special events and places.

    Nonetheless, all this was finessed by the magnificent Southern tour. Despite all the logistical hurdles you shepherded us over rough terrain to visit five tribes spread across a large area in Southern Ethiopia. I doubt that many people are able to achieve such a comprehensive viewing of these tribes in one trip. Of course, we have Robel to thank for the on ground arrangements that made such a tour possible, and we are all in his debt for the part he played in pulling it all together. He is a fantastic guide and wonderful companion.

    Denis, you and Shem were endlessly helpful and tolerant, and I feel that my photography has continued to improve under your tutelage. It is through these special photographic tours that I discover what is possible with a camera, and without doubt you have once again expanded my photographic horizons.

    What were the highlights for me? I could say they are too numerous to mention, but I feel that I could never have witnessed the unique tribal scenes and beautiful body adornments without participating in this Iconic Images and C4 Photo Safaris tour and for this I am ever in your debt. Thank you.

  17. Connie December 29, 2016 at 2:16 pm #


    My experience on the Iconic Images photo safari to Namibia was one to remember.
    The entire tour was extremely well planned and organised and every spot we visited was well thought out.
    In short, it was most definitely one of those ‘trip of a lifetime’ opportunities and I learnt so much in such a short span of time.
    It’s so great to travel in a small group of like minded, passionate individuals and coming home with folders of remarkable images is just the icing on the cake!
    Special thanks to Hougaard, Andre & the Canon Collective leaders for their guidance and to our drivers Albert, Ckastro and Lazarus for making it all happen.


  18. Jane and Benn October 25, 2016 at 1:48 pm #

    We would like to say how much we enjoyed our recent Namibia photographic trip with Iconic Images.
    The photographic opportunities were amazing, as was the knowledge of Jay and Emma from Canon.
    Hougaard Malan was an inspiration for landscape shots and Andre Cloete from C4 Safaris was great for his broad knowledge and skill with wildlife shots.
    Everything was well planned and we were incredibly well looked after.
    We would love to go again one day.
    Many thanks.

  19. Alistair McBurnie October 23, 2016 at 1:53 pm #

    Dear Denis,
    We have just returned from a magnificent trip with the Canon Collective/Iconic Images Namibia 2016 – it is hard to describe the trip other than it was magnificent.
    As winner of the Canon Light Award it was an honour to be there – I managed to do every shoot on offer as well!
    The guides were magnificent and drivers first class.
    The accommodation was well above average and if any prospective clients are reading this, you have to go on one of these adventures to truly experience Africa first hand.
    The images you walk away with will remain with you for a lifetime.
    The itinerary was very good with an easy start leading into a full-on/no-messing-about photo safari ending with Etosha on our last shooting days.
    You got the feeling that there was a lot of jealousy with the other tourists crammed into their ‘tin cans’ (4 to a seat) at Etosha while we had a row each!
    We left with new friends, 25000 images, some great laughs and fond memories.
    A special thanks to Andre, Jay, Emma, Hougaard, Lazarus, Albert and Ckastro…


  20. Wendy Kennedy October 14, 2016 at 3:43 pm #

    Hi Denis

    I have just returned from the Canon Collective/Iconic Images Namibia 2017 tour and can’t thank Jay and Emma of Canon for their generous help and advice on photography. They are both amazingly good representatives of Canon and excellent teachers. They have definitely taken me to another level with my photography and for that I thank Jay and Emma and Canon/Iconic Images for organising such an excellent Namibia tour.

    I was a little reticent about joining the trip as I am a Nikon user but am glad you reassured me that it would not be a problem. I very much enjoyed the use of my Canon camera and lenses and have to admit that I have been “converted”

    I would also like to thank Hougaard Malan as our landscape Namibia specialist for his knowledge and advice. His boundless energy kept us very busy and we all came away with great photographs.

    Lastly, I would like to thank Andre Cloete as our wildlife photography specialist. As the representative of C4 Andre was always on hand to help with our photography, be the “fix it” man, or entertain us with his knowledge of Africa and his sense of humour.

    I loved Fish River Canyon, Deadvlei, Etosha, Kolmanskop, and the Himba Village and it was great to have a mix of landscape, portraiture and wildlife photography to hone my skills on.

    Thank you again Denis for another excellent Canon/Iconic Images trip.

    I would not hesitate to recommend any of your photography tours.

    I have already booked on the Canon Collective/Iconic Images East Africa 2017 safari, next September – not to mention Ethiopia in January. I can’t wait..

    Wendy K

  21. Karen Johnstone December 24, 2015 at 10:03 am #

    Dear Denis,

    Apologies for my tardiness in providing feedback on the trip, no excuse is really a justification, just a heart-felt, image immersion therapy?

    First up, I just want to thank you and the Canon/C4 Images combined team, for making my second trip to South Africa, even better than the first!

    For each and every part of the trip, from the initial planning, to the day-to-day execution, it was all fantastic. For me, having to just turn up and the ‘everything’ is taken care of, and just to get into the car and take photos, was beyond heavenly.

    The accommodation, the transport, the Rangers, the drivers, the locals, the atmosphere, the surprises, the food (especially the quality of the food), the animal sightings – it was all outstanding. We were never lacking in our choice of something to see or something to hear about, all the while contemplating – ‘just what could be better than this?’ Well, just wait a few minutes and there will be another something, that will just be beyond your expectations, all over again.

    My absolutely favourite memory, was the tour group itself, my main car fellows, Peter and Julie, twin-share tent-buddy Gemma, the Canon/C4 teams combined, John; Llianne, Peter R and Jenn. Meeting and hanging out with a complete bunch of strangers can sometimes be a daunting proposition for people but after 11 days together, it was more like being with family, only with a massive dose of hilarity thrown in. I have never laughed so much in my life and I don’t think the guides and drivers had ever been so bombarded with ‘Ózz-isms’ either. And that’s not taking the you-know-what!

    Denis, the professionalism of the C4 Team, trackers, drivers and all the camp staff, at both Mashatu and Beyond are to be highly commended and we all felt that little bit special by their welcoming and friendly demeanour.

    The expertise, tutoring endless patience by Jay, Colin and Andre was exceptional. This is by far the most advantageous way to experience a photography course. Total immersion in the technical side while on an all encompassing field trip, all rolled into one. No where else can you learn new techniques, get immediate hands on and in-depth experience and then going out in the great wide open spaces with your onboard expert and put what you have learnt in to practice.

    If you have ever wanted to learn more about cameras, photography, go on a’ safari’ or a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip see what it is all about or just to’ tick off the Big 5′, then this is by far and away the ultimate way to do it.

    I cannot recommend the Canon/C4 team experience highly enough! If anyone out there has ever wanted to go home with stories to tell your family/friends or have more memories than you will ever need in a lifetime, then this type of tour is MUST!.

    During our technical sessions, we were asked what we liked, what we would like and what we had missed, so in that tradition….
    Bud – over 6000 images to make my family/friends go through, again and again and again (ha)!
    Rose – the entire trip.
    Thorn – being back in ‘reality’ and waiting to go again…

  22. Peter Gash December 2, 2015 at 5:06 pm #

    G’day Denis


    We had an amazing experience and Julie and myself enjoyed every moment of the trip.

    Andre is a great credit to yourself and to his homeland of Africa. He is a very passionate and committed, generous individual that really helped to make the tour the success it was.

    Jay and Colin were likewise very helpful generous and knowledgeable with their time and the Canon product. These three people really did you and Iconic Images proud.

    I think that Julie may have had a couple of simple suggestions that she will send you as positive feedback, being that we are also in the tourism and travel industry.

    Overall we would not hesitate to recommend the tour or your product to anyone, and it was obvious the way we, as the guests were all treated, that you set an extremely high standard and you expect that high standard from all your crew and suppliers.

    The Mashatu Team and also the Ngala Team went out of their way to ensure that we were all looked after way above the normal and that in itself suggests they all hold your product and business in high esteem.

    I do hope that we can get time next year as a family to join with the tour that you are planning for Namibia as outlined by Jay.

    I see great synergy with what you and we do in our tourism and conservation ethics and businesses, and I aim to find some way to share some of that synergy in a business sense at some point in the future.

    All the best and thanks again for a great tour. We will put together a couple of our own images and see if they are worthy of your page.


    Peter Gash

  23. Wendy Kennedy October 30, 2015 at 9:15 pm #



    This tour was amazing!

    Each tour I have done with you has been fantastic but this one was absolutely out of the box.

    Your amazing attention to detail and your ability to ensure that we have such special moments leaves me in awe.

    For me, it is not so much about the photo opportunities, it is about the experience.

    Thank you so much Denis and I look forward to my next trip with you.

    Wendy Kennedy

  24. Joe Lewit October 30, 2015 at 8:10 am #

    Denis, Shem and Art,

    Just back from the marvellous Three Icons of Africa tour, with loads of extraordinary memories and images.

    From the grandeur of elephants processing the salt flats against the backdrop of a snow sprinkled Mt Kilimanjaro, to the breathtaking close-up encounters with wild chimpanzees in the tropical rain-forested hillsides of remote Greystoke Mahale, the delights of swimming in Lake Tanganyika alongside ‘Big Bird’ the tame pelican who thinks he’s a human, and seeing mother and calf hippos swimming in the clear waters, and finally the spectacle of Lake Natron and neighbouring volcanos from the air with beautiful abstract mineral patterns and huge flocks of flamingos flying and feeding below our open door plane.

    After all this excitement, a wonderfully civilised wind-down in the Franschhoek wine district with its French heritage clearly apparent in the refinement of its wines and foods, and a final couple of days at the Cape Town waterfront and surrounds, including an inspiring symposium on wildlife photography by some of the best in the business.

    As always on Iconic Images tours, attention to detail shines through, with a particular emphasis on all matters photographic.

    Denis, Shem Compion (C4 Photo Safaris) and Art Wolfe provided generous guidance and inspiration, and the accommodation, catering, and organisational aspects were all of the highest order, and could not be faulted.

    Many thanks, and looking forward to more Iconic Images adventures sometime in the future.

  25. Peter Randell September 2, 2015 at 11:02 pm #

    Dear Denis,


    There is a very good reason why this is my fourth overseas trip [counting aerial photography at Rottnest Island!] with you, and my second in conjunction with C4 Images and Iconic Images International – the total experience is compiled with excellence of all components in mind.

    The people were all friendly and combined local knowledge with technical expertise constantly.

    Our drivers and trackers were breath-taking on occasions in the way they tackled their respective tasks, getting us into the most unlikely of positions for great angles with good light.
    They and the professional photographers demonstrated their knowledge of animal behaviour by predicting paths the animals would follow and setting up the shots beautifully.

    Lioness with back lighting? Done.
    Leopard up a tree silhouetted against a setting African sun? Done.
    Hyenas before,during and after locating dinner? Done again.

    What a collection of truly iconic images we have on our hard drives as a result, and memories forever embedded in our brains.

    Patient teaching and the stunning new Canon gear enabled me to record many tolerable birds-in-flight shots for the first time.
    Andre Cloete’s bird knowledge is encyclopaedic,and next time I will record him and not try to write notes!.

    Special thanks to Jay and Colin for supplying me with the D1X and the new 200-400mm lens for the entire trip, and teaching me to master a little of the power of this top notch gear.

    As usual, accommodation was excellent, particularly the hot showers under the stars at Mashatu, and the food was superb at both sites.

    This was another wonder-filled trip, and I thank you.


  26. John & Llianne Deinema September 2, 2015 at 8:21 pm #

    Hello Denis,


    The Canon Collective African photo safari can only be described as a trip of a lifetime.
    Something every traveller should experience.

    For photography novices like my wife and I, to have access to professional Canon cameras bodies and various Canon telephoto lens, whilst initially intimidating was quickly overcome with guidance from Jay Collier and Colin Baker (from Canon Collective) and Andre Cloete (from C4 Photo Safaris).

    Their patience at answering basic photography questions, enabled our familiarity and confidence to grow quickly in operating these sophisticated digital cameras.

    Jay, Colin and Andre’s advice on composition, aperture, shutter speed and ISO camera settings was invaluable in assisting us obtaining some memorable images.

    The opportunity to photograph numerous species of wild animals including, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, wild buffalo, kudu, giraffe, hyenas (to mention but a few) plus various birds in their natural environment was truly amazing.

    Once again thank you for co-ordinating a holiday experience second to none which I will have no hesitation to recommend to both photography enthusiasts and novices alike.

    Kind Regards
    John & Llianne Deinema

  27. Gemma Ortlipp September 1, 2015 at 10:29 am #

    Hello Denis!


    I actually left you a message on Facebook already, but if you don’t check that as often you may not have seen it yet 🙂

    Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to you for the organisation and logistical know-how you provided for our trip. It was truly the most rewarding and amazing experience of my life, and something I’ve only dreamt about since I was a little girl.

    Every day provided us something new in regards to sightings etc, and the structure was perfect for me to get me up and going. I loved being busy and having something to get up every day for, it made each and every day just as exciting as the last and I felt like no time was wasted (the down time in the middle of our days was perfect to relax and backup images, and eat, to then get going again for the afternoon).

    Mashatu felt like home, we loved all of our trackers and drivers, so friendly and willing to explain to us about everything Mashatu had to offer, and also so happy and willing to have a laugh with us, as you well know how a group of Aussie’s can be! The food was beyond expectation and was often so full to the brim I could literally not eat another bite. And the beautiful hides were such a unique experience, making Mashatu somewhere I’d definitely like to visit in future.

    Ngala I believe was a first time experiment for one of your tours, and I can definitely attest to the fact that the accomodations, and everything about the stay was exquisite. The food, the staff, the rooms were all top notch and surpassed everyone’s expectations. Our drivers and trackers in particular I want to commend above all. Andre and Joseph, Dan and Sam were all so enthusiastic, so knowledgable, and extremely willing to provide us the best experience they possibly could. (They made killer Morning drinks too!) The Ngala wildlife sightings as well were incredible, lion prides every day, numerous Leopard, A Rhino! such amazing diversity and while different to Mashatu, we saw something new and exciting daily. I for one, was never disappointed. A big thankyou to you Denis, for allowing us to go at the expense of your own pocket, I’m so grateful to you for ensuring we were able to have the best experience possible.

    Onto C4 and Andre (and Ruth and Kyle), what an amazing host Andre is. Always lovely, patient, so ready to teach and inform us of the intricacies of African culture and wildlife and BIRDS! Andre was incredibly knowledgeable and ready to answer every one of our possibly inane questions. I feel like we all became wonderful friends, and he was absolutely an asset to the tour and would not have been the same without him. I’m sure I can speak of the group when I say that we all miss him already, we had the best laughs with him, and he graciously put up with our Australian

    And last, but in no way least, the Canon boys, Jay and Colin. Having known Colin previously from other collective events and having met Jay before coming, it made my experience so much richer having a familiar face there and having them there to give pointers about the gear, give me anything I wanted to try out for the day, from a wide angle to a super telephoto lens, to the awesome new 5DS. I absolutely would not have been able to capture the images I did without both of their expertise, and the gear they provided. I feel very lucky to have been apart of this group, I’ve never laughed so hard and so often in my life, really awesome guys that I’m glad and grateful to call mates.

    So that’s basically it Denis! Trip of a lifetime, I’m literally now saving to come back as soon as I can, hopefully 2017, and will absolutely be having Iconic Images as my number 1 for when I return.

    Kind regards,


  28. Colin Baker September 1, 2015 at 9:55 am #

    Good Morning Denis,


    Well well well, what an experience. To summarise into a few paragraphs I cannot do, I’ll simply have to tell all over and over again in person.

    Everything went really well, many of the attendees went from never using a SLR before to manual mode in the first 3/4 days.
    The mini classroom sessions held during the break time in the middle of the day were very popular and fit in nicely in those downtime periods.

    Their thirst to learn was as strong as their eagerness to get back into the car for the next game session. A measure of a successful event is the staging of a dozen or more people together who don’t know each other and by the end of the trip are exchanging email, phone numbers and Facebook requests. A bond has been formed and life long friendships have sparked.

    From my eyes its great to see such a well oiled operation, I wouldn’t change a thing and I congratulate you & C4 on an impeccable offering.
    Although I work with Jay often and he does a great job here at home, it was great to see him in his natural environment, he really shines in Africa.

    I learnt quite a few new things and got to spend some quality time with the new 5DS which is an absolute gem of a camera. Although we do experience events weekly its rare we do more than a week with a single group and the value is exponential. I believe this trip if proof of it’s merits and gives me the confidence to inform Steve/Canon that a highly professional, enjoyable and valuable adventure was had by all.

    Mashatu is so very special, I want to take my wife and kids to show them first hand myself (just got to wait for the kids to grow up a little). The whole camp, the people, the tents even has a vibe of being very homely. The hot water bottles for example is a simple touch that brings so much happiness to an already amped up & excited photographer. I understand why you choose Mashatu as a regular rotation for Iconic Images adventures, its simple African heaven.

    Ngala was also very good, I felt it was important to see two different game reserves and having been now I appreciate this even more. The wildlife at the two locations were quite different along with the altitude and topography which gave me a sense of a far more rounded Africa. Ngala has a lot of luxuries even the fussiest traveller would appreciate and I would love to return there also. I would highly recommend both game reserves without a doubt and I thank you for going the extra mile with the last minute change to Ngala to ensure our journey was tailored to be the best it could.

    In other good news, I’ve already had some discussions about the 2016 photo safari to Namibia with a few interested parties and I believe I have 4 people who’d be likely to confirm and pay deposits when the safari goes live. I’ll let Jay know a bit of background on the interested parties, all proficient photographers and local Brisbane collective members whom just want to jump in and grab a piece of the action we experienced this year. I had a flutter of private Facebook messages after posting an album and some stories on Sunday evening. I plan on holding a collective member night called “A night in Africa” with Jay & Colin to share our stories from this year’s trip to the greater collective community to inform people about the 2016 photo safari.

    Thank you again Denis, I had a ball and will have decades of satisfaction from this adventure.


  29. Jenny Campbell August 30, 2015 at 2:53 pm #

    Hi Denis,


    Having just arrived home I’m already nostalgic for all things Africa.
    How I wish I was an African tracker!

    What an extraordinary journey. On several occasions I found myself overwhelmed by the beauty before me to the point of tears; when I first saw giraffe and zebra grazing together, the first sighting of two reclining male lions, and at the new Valley Hide at Mashatu where no less than 38 Elephants turned up for a drink.

    The trackers were phenomenal. They could see things in the dirt and landscape that we could not until they pointed them out. They guided us to 4 leopards and 3 different sets of lions. We were lucky enough to see a honey badger in a river bed and a mongoose in a tree (which we were told was very unusual).

    Altogether we saw and photographed 30 different animals and over 40 different species of bird (I was writing them down).

    At one point a lion approach my side of the vehicle and stopped right next to me. For several seconds we stared at each other as I held my breath, viscerally aware of the merely two feet between us. My respect was forged in that moment.

    At Ngala I was raided by a baboon who stripped and ate my two bananas in under 5 seconds and ran off with my orange when I asked him to leave (keep your doors closed!). Later, a family of delightful Vervet monkeys entertained me as an African lady plaited my hair. I also had to cut a nature stop short due to an approaching buffalo and when we saw a family of hyenas energetically chowing down on an old, weak and now-deceased kudu, I was confronted by the cycle of life.

    What a whirlwind of surprise, delight, catharsis and gravity!

    On technical matters, having use of quality camera equipment was a very big bonus. My camera, a Canon Powershot, while taking nice happy snaps, had nothing on the EOS 7D we were given to use. Overcoming my mental block regarding F-stops and aperture, the photographers who accompanied us were very generous with their knowledge even in the face of being asked the same questions over and over. Toward the end of the tour I actually felt like I’d broken through a frustrating life-long barrier on the relationship between camera technicality and visual reality. I’m not sure this could have happened any other way. Even a course I attended in Photography some years back could not penetrate my unwilling intransigence.

    The combination of safari, the use of good camera equipment and the knowledge imparted by professional photographers is a winner!

    So I’ve come away with more knowledge of everything camera and Africa, over 9,000 photos and a desire to get on a plane a go back.

    The legend is true: Africa buries itself in your heart.

    Jenny Campbell

  30. Helen Newnham August 25, 2015 at 2:50 pm #

    Hi Denis
    Thanks for another memorable safari to Mashatu and Tswalu in August 2015.
    It was such a delight to have Greg du Toit again.
    He is so generous with his time and knowledge and of course his patience. I have long admired Greg’s work especially his flash photography with wildlife.
    In the five years since I first met him in Kenya my photography has improved but in the 10 days on this trip my photography went to a whole new level.
    I can’t wait for my next trip with him.
    It is such a delight to travel with like minded people, namely photographic enthusiasts who generously share their knowledge and over the course of the trip become good friends.
    As always, a superbly researched and run trip.
    Thanks again,

  31. Wayne Osborn August 25, 2015 at 2:44 pm #

    Iconic Namibia 2015 was indeed iconic.
    A return journey for us to Namibia.
    We were there with Denis and Shem previously in 2012.
    Always a risk a second journey would disappoint but there was certainly no danger of that.
    Pam and I were travelling with Canon’s new 50 MP beasts and they were given a hearty workout.
    Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop and Sossusvlei were outstanding opportunities for new images under the disciplined, expert eye of Hougaard Malan.
    Hougaard wields a wide angle lens like no other and provided excellent advice.
    We captured images that would have been impossible without his extensive local knowledge.

    Serra Cafema on the Angloan border was just a treat – some fabulous landscape images in this remote wilderness.
    Outstanding portraits of a local Himba tribe in perfect light.
    Lastly Etosha turned it on for us at our favourite waterholes of Newbrowni and Okaukuejo. Iconic images of a very weary lion covering two females in the late light at Newbrowni was a fitting end to the expedition.
    Many thanks Denis and Shem for another very iconic journey.
    What more can we say but:

    “It’s hard to be disparagingly glib,
    when travelling in the Namib.
    Well, the things that we saw,
    it was nature in raw.
    To Shem and Denis,
    we dip our jib”

    Wayne and Pam Osborn

  32. Sally Hinton July 2, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

    Hi Denis,
    Back at work and it seems that my visit to Mashatu is already a distant memory!
    It was a fabulous trip and I learned so much from everyone!
    As a total beginner in video I found Abraham to be very patient and encouraging and he has started me on the road one step at a time!
    Both Isak and yourself were very encouraging with still photography support – again I enjoy learning and you were all very generous with your teaching.
    Mashatu was brilliant and the staff were superb.
    I intend to return to Africa as soon as I can afford to!

    Thank you for a wonderful trip!

    Kind Regards

  33. Jo Wilson May 31, 2015 at 10:20 pm #

    Aerial Photography Masterclass

    I attended the Aerial Photography Masterclass with Denis Glennon and Tony Hewitt last week and it was one of the best things I have done for myself, personally and professionally.

    I set out to increase my skills in aviation photography which is specifically what I needed to do, and I now have the ability and confidence to capture these images, in my own chartered aircraft.

    One of the best things about the Masterclass was the organisation and care Denis and Tony provided to us. It was comparable to a holiday doing something you genuinely love with like-minded people, whilst learning what you needed to learn in order to be more successful in this rather specialised photography genre.

    The highlights for me were the support, the safety of the operations, the pilot’s skill and experience to place the plane in the ideal positions for getting the best images, the food, the service, the art direction, star and landscape shooting and definitely the Island’s landscape. I also enjoyed the experience of the remoteness and rawness of Rottnest Island not being too commercialized.

    If I were to trust anyone to take me on another photographic adventure, it would be Denis, his attention to detail is just incredible and you feel very safe and supported. Tony Hewitt is a true artist and a gentleman. The combination of both men are something you don’t want to miss.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this Masterclass.

    Thank you Denis & Tony

  34. Chris Saunders May 28, 2015 at 7:52 am #

    Aerial Photography Masterclass
    Thank you Denis and Tony for an unforgettable weekend on Rottnest Island.
    We were well looked after all weekend by the island authority staff, restaurant staff, Roger the pilot and the enthusiastic Denis and Tony.
    As a novice at this type of photography I was amazed at the number of “keepers” that I managed to shoot.
    I would also be comfortable to hire my own plane in the future to try this again – all this is testimony to the quality of the Masterclass.
    In Denis and Tony you get a great mix of styles, experience and interpretation of aerial photography, which I think provided a fantastic balance to things.
    An unexpected surprise was the opportunity to take in some impromptu Star and Milky Way photography due to the generosity of other photographers with their experiences- both Denis and Tony embraced this and found a way to fit it into the weekend schedule.
    I can’t recommend these guys enough.


  35. Peter Randell May 26, 2015 at 8:56 am #

    Aerial Photography Rottnest Island.
    My sincere thanks again, Denis for a great and different photographic experience.
    Your usual superb organising ability was evident,with your selection of remarkable contributors.
    Tony Hewitt’s patient and enthusiastic teaching helped me use my camera better and see with more visionary eyes.
    Now I look forward to applying some of the post-production tips he discussed and showed at the review sessions.
    Roger the pilot provided a stable platform and excellent views for us and I can see why Tony chooses him.
    This may have been Western Australia’s inaugural aerial photography master class, but I am sure it is not the last for you.
    Thank you and all who helped pull it together.

    Peter Randell.

  36. Jordan Cantelo May 25, 2015 at 7:32 pm #

    Aerial Photography Masterclass
    Thank you for an incredible weekend at Rottnest Island, in what was the first Aerial Masterclass for Western Australia.
    To listen to yourself and your Masterclass partner Tony Hewitt, was extremely inspiring.
    The way the course participants were looked after in all aspects, including accommodation, meals, transportation, etc was first class.
    The easy going nature, yet very focused direction from yourself Denis and Tony, made for a very comfortable learning environment where I believe we all benefitted immensely.
    I have absolutely no hesitation to highly recommend your Masterclass to other photographers who are looking at increasing there skill set.
    Thanks again for a very memorable weekend.

    Warmest regards,
    Jordan Cantelo

  37. Tony Stroud March 10, 2015 at 9:46 pm #

    Mystical Myanmar 2015
    Having been to Kenya with Denis before, and on a couple of weekend workshops, and from the pre-tour descriptions, I knew that every day in Mystical Myanmar, from sunrise to sunset, would be filled with magical opportunities for great photography.
    Thanks to Denis, Gavriel Jecan and Win, the local organiser (and impressive photographer in his own right) the tour certainly lived up to, and even exceeded, expectations.
    The organisation, accommodation, food and company were all top class.
    Being such a small group meant that each of us could make the most of all the photographic experiences presented to us, and have access to expert advice at any time.
    I have learned so much from this tour, and had a most memorable holiday to boot.

    Tony Stroud (Perth)

  38. Robert Woodward March 5, 2015 at 8:19 pm #

    Mystical Myanmar 2015

    Fourteen consecutive days of photo-shooting capturing 10,000 images; what a library to commence the selection for my best images!
    Before this photographic journey in Myanmar my research included viewing images of what other photographers had recorded. This established a pre-trip target of 25 ‘must have‘ images.
    Categorizing my images post-trip in Lightroom I can easily produce 10 times my initial target.
    These results are not only quantified but more important, qualified images.
    I am absolutely delighted to have more than 250 iconic, well composed, sharp images with a large percentage of these telling their own integral story.
    Notwithstanding the ‘best of my best’ images, I will have an excess of iconic images that unfortunately will have to go into storage after producing a photo-book dedicated to this mystical photo tour.
    I have repetitive and poor quality images that need to be binned; but with opportunities on this superior tour I am finding it a real challenge to remove the worst!
    Our group visited four major centres; Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Heho (Inle Lake) with numerous peripheral offshoots from each location. The logistics were timely and well executed; accommodations were superb.
    I thoroughly enjoyed being part of our group; it was cohesive, caring, watchful and helpful, together with plenty of laughs and fun.
    We experienced a wide diversity of special places/locations/buildings/people/spiritual/cultural opportunities to photo-shoot dawn to dusk, most were pre-arranged so there was no ‘time-wasting’.
    How would I describe the photographic opportunities? ‘Immense and Unique’.
    All of the above requires planning, organizing, managing, providing technical photographic inputs/advice and helping to deliver iconic images that will achieve the ultimate client satisfaction.
    Our tour leaders Denis Glennon and Gavriel Jecan, together with both our local coordinators produced the magic.
    Thank you Denis for my second photographic journey with you and I am eagerly looking forward to joining you again in three months for our Namibia photographic journey.

    Robert Woodward (South Australia).

  39. Greg MUNYARD & Maria MUNYARD March 4, 2015 at 12:24 am #

    Mystical Myanmar 2015

    “Another world class photographic tour by Iconic Images International”

    We’ve just returned from our 7th photography tour since 2012 with Denis Glennon (Iconic Images International), which probably speaks for itself but we’ll add some further comments for anyone contemplating this trip.

    We knew the trip would be great because every trip with Iconic Images International always is remarkable, fantastic, stunning (pick your superlative). However we could not believe how significantly this one exceeded our expectations.

    Like his superb trip to India in 2014, Denis again co-led this tour with the highly talented photographer, Gavriel Jecan. We love travelling with both of them, for many reasons. It was inevitable that we were going to learn a lot about taking great images – as we did – but we were amazed at what Myanmar had to offer if you knew where to go, how to get there in the right circumstances and, when there, how to identify then capture very, very special moments. While we were experiencing all of that, we had a ball – just so much fun.

    Yes, Myanmar is magical, mystical and so much more, if you know how to access its many gems. Out of the bustle of Yangon, it has so many extraordinary photo opportunities, in so many different fields of human endeavour, especially for anyone with a soul. There is a beautiful spirituality apparent, with welcoming people the norm. We’re glad we did as recommended by a few wise heads, and visited Myanmar now, before it had become too “westernised”. That said, it was invaluable to have gone with Denis since he has the rare combination of the photographic skill of an artist, coupled with the organisational skills of a worldly executive.

    After writing this, we can’t wait to get back to our images. They give us so much joy…

  40. Wendy Kennedy March 3, 2015 at 6:37 pm #

    Mystical Myanmar 2015

    I was a member of the most recent Iconic Images photographic journey to Myanmar and cannot say enough good things about it.
    Having virtually no camera competence at the commencement of the tour I feel I learned an incredible amount.
    I went hoping I would return with five or six good photos and came home with many many more.
    I saw the best of Myanmar and Denis arranged one amazing shooting opportunity after another – each one as good as the last or better!
    Suffice to say, I have booked on two more Iconic Images photographic journeys to Africa and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
    Thank you Denis for an amazing experience.
    Wendy Kennedy

  41. Derek and Annelie de Beer February 1, 2015 at 3:04 am #

    Dear Denis and Shem,
    Your photographic tour to Anartica 2014 exceeded our expectations by far.
    The interaction with you, Shem, Frans and Art and other fellow photographers broadened our views on conceptional photography in a pristine environment.
    We are grateful for the expertise and experience that were shared with us to make it a very memorable and unique experience.
    The way you planned the expedition, executed it in combination with One Ocean Expeditions needs to be commended.
    It was fantastic to have enjoyed Anartica with old and new friends together.

    Derek and Annelie de Beer

  42. Laura Oliver January 12, 2015 at 7:18 am #

    I have no words to describe how amazing this trip was.
    Every aspect from the crew of the Akademik Ioffe, to the members of the One Ocean Expedition team, to the professional photographers who helped us digitally capture the magnificence that is Antarctica to bring home, was beyond expectation.
    Every single person put 100% into every single detail, from the morning wake up calls from David McGonical to the hot (alcoholic) beverages that awaited us after returning from a cold yet exhilarating zodiac ride and everything in between.
    It was such a special treat to be able to share our experiences, as clients, with the crew who not only joined us on land, but at meals, in the bar (some more than others) as well as in class. Sharing their own stories and experiences of past trips added that extra something that gave it more character.
    The addition of Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting to the Denis Glennon/Shem Compion team was beyond incredible.
    The entire trip was so well executed by such an incredible collaboration between One Ocean members and the Iconic Images/C4 Images team that it allowed for the absolute best experience.
    It was such a great idea on their part to make the entire trip a “photographic safari” so that we had the added benefit of our own professional photographers and additional classes, one-on-one sessions, fireside chats, etc. I could go on and on and on.
    Suffice it to say, it was the trip of a lifetime, but I plan to squeeze in a few more with this wonderful group of people in MY lifetime!!!
    Thank you to every single person involved, including some amazing travelers with whom I plan to remain in contact and see again some day.

    Until our paths meet again~

  43. Susanne & Peter Scheufler January 11, 2015 at 8:40 pm #

    Dear Shem & Denis,
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful trip.
    A perfect combination of wildlife experience and brilliant workshops & lectures.
    We have been to Svalbard with Shem in 2013 as he told us about his plans to organise this trip with Frans and Art – we knew instantly that we had to book …
    We had a really good time, met new friends, learned a lot about photography, had superb landings with exciting wildlife and brought many photos and memories with us.
    This expedition topped our last antarctica trip in 2012!
    Best regards
    Susanne & Peter Scheufler

  44. Sarah Clozza January 8, 2015 at 8:57 pm #

    Dear Denis & Shem,

    Once again a remote and distant destination proved flawlessly easy due to the organisation, planning and attention to detail of Iconic Images, C4 Images and Our World Travel.
    I felt very privileged to visit and experience Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia with you and the team of world class nature and wildlife photographers.
    The wildlife was incredible and I learned a great deal not only about photography but about the destinations themselves.
    I return to Perth with many fabulous photos but even better memories.
    I also would loved to have spent more time in the field with Art and Frans, however I was lucky enough to come across Frans several times who was very generous in his teachings.
    Thank you for another unforgettable adventure.

    Warm regards,
    Sarah Clozza
    Perth, Western Australia

  45. MIRELLA ROVIDA January 5, 2015 at 5:58 pm #

    What a fantastic expedition and photography workshop!
    This was my first photographic safari and everything was so beautiful and so well organized that I am still dreaming about it: looking over my pictures everyday trying to remember every minute of the sensational feeling that I had being in such an amazing world of nature, peace and beauty.
    The ship staff was excellent and top experienced, we were helped and assisted every minute of our trip.
    The food and the service were first class.
    We were also so privileged to have two of the world’s most famous photographers, Art Wolf and Frans Lantic sharing with us their knowledge and their photographic skills.
    Shem and Denis, from C4 Images and Iconic Images, were always ready to help us and to assist whenever they were asked.
    Being a beginner in photography they were always very patient and helpful with me
    The experience was so fullfilling that I will join them in another photographic safari soon.
    I feel much more confident now when I handle my camera because of the knowledge that I have acquired during this trip.
    Thanks very much to all of you who made this holiday so special to me.
    Happy New Year and see you soon!


  46. Stefanus & Ina Booyse January 1, 2015 at 6:38 am #

    Dear Denis
    We were invited by friends to visit Antartica before, and were unable to attend.
    Derek de Beer via Shem invited us again and as people who love travelling and always taking photos, we could not in our wildest dreams imagine how this trip would change our view of photography.
    We would like to thank you, Shem and both Frans and Art for sharing your knowledge and experiences and to make this a trip of a lifetime.
    We enjoyed the boat the food the old and new friends and hope to see you next year in South Africa.
    Kind regards
    Blikkies & Ina

  47. Lynn van der Merwe December 28, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    Dear Denis and Shem,

    Thank you very much for organising such an exceptional photographic workshop.

    This was my very first photographic expedition and although I did not know what to expect, it was fantastic.
    It truly was a once in a life time experience. The One Ocean team were absolutely fantastic and I have never experienced such a well run and well organised tour.

    The entire experience went well beyond my expectations and even the loss of my luggage couldn’t dampen the wonderful experience that I had. Everyone was very caring and very friendly. On this tour we were not just “another passenger” and this is what made the experience so wonderful.

    I loved the lectures given by Art, Frans, Shem and Denis.

    It was also wonderful that we could attend the lectures offered by the Once Ocean team. I am a complete novice in terms of photography so I learned a huge amount.

    All I can say is ‘thank you’.

    I would recommend the team of Iconic Images, C4 Images and One Ocean to anyone who asks (I already have).

    Hopefully I will be in a position to join one of your future photographic tours.

    May I wish you a belated Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

    May 2015 bring you everything you wish for.

    God bless,

  48. David Hachey December 28, 2014 at 3:59 am #

    Dear Denis,

    Shortly after we first met you promised to “change my life” if I travelled with you of a photo safari.
    Now after five trips over nearly as many years, you have lived up to your word.

    The just-completed Antarctic voyage was truly one of discovery for me, offering a variety of new experiences (Zodiac is no longer just an astrologic sign). It was the most rewarding photo safari yet.

    As always, the accommodations aboard the Akademik Ioffe were first rate, especially considering that it was a working scientific research vessel. I felt quite at home.

    My initial concerns about the size of the tour group quickly evaporated, and the Iconic Images tour was deftly integrated with the One Ocean trip participants. If fact I quite enjoyed participating in both sets of photographic sessions.

    The tutorials offered by Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Shem Compion and you were well done and quite informative. I found Art’s lectures to be particularly entertaining and informative, and I now find myself seeing the world through the lens in a different way.

    One of the more enjoyable aspects of all Iconic Images tours is traveling with like-minded and compatible fellow photographers. I’ve made several new friends in Antarctica and I hope to travel with them on future trips.

    I sincerely look forward to our next photo safari in October 2015.

    My warmest regards, …Dave Hachey (Nashville, TN)

  49. Peter & Liza Paisley December 28, 2014 at 1:23 am #

    Denis & Shem,

    Antarctic 2014 Photography Workshop

    A really excellent trip.

    To have as photographic guides Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting supported by Shem and Denis made the trip quite exceptional – we really enjoyed all the lectures, photo critique and technical advice.

    Thanks should also go to the One Ocean Expedition crew for the work they put in to make the voyage so enjoyable and for facilitating so many landings in what were not the most ideal conditions. An excellent choice of tour operator and of ship, the Akademik Ioffe.

    A very well organised and enjoyable trip.

    Thanks again.

    Peter & Liza

  50. Carol Darby December 27, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    Dear Denis,
    The whole Antarctic 2014 photography workshop was brilliant.
    You could not have chosen a better ship than the Akademik Ioffe and the One Ocean crew were the absolute best. The were so helpful and friendly and nothing was too much bother. I wish the dining room hadn’t been so good though as I will have to get some serious exercise in the lose some of the weight I no doubt gained.

    Having four amazing photographers as our mentors was a huge plus and the reason I booked this trip. I really enjoyed their lectures and was really appreciative of the way that timing was worked in with the One Ocean schedule so that we could take the opportunity to enjoy lectures from both groups. It was a pity there wasn’t enough hours in the day to make the most of all that was on offer.

    Having participated in a number of photo tours over the years there was only one aspect that I was a bit disappointed with and that was the fact that there was very little interaction with our wonderful mentors once we hit the shore. I know it would have been hard to locate each other when we are all wearing the same red outfits so maybe I was expecting a bit much. I thought there may have been the opportunity once ashore to join Art or Frans for a hands-on type workshop. I did see Frans a few times and he was interacting with a few people. But I must have been in the wrong places as I never saw Art at all. I did catch up with Shem quite a bit and he was great. A few tips where needed plus help for not so agile photographers (me) over the tussocks.

    But other than that minor point it was a trip of a lifetime that holds so many great memories that will last with me forever.

    I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015.

    Shem I wish you and Zendre all the best for your wedding day and for a wonderful life together.

    Warm regards

  51. Neville & Vivienne Bryant December 22, 2014 at 11:22 am #

    Whilst we have been on four previous photo safaris with the Iconic/C4 venture this was the first one outside of Africa (Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica).
    As we have come to expect, this tour continued to maintain the exceptionally high standards that all of our previous trips have set.
    Not surprising to us was that a lot of our travelling companions were familiar friends from previous Iconic/C4 trips.

    In order to have such a successful voyage an enormous amount of planning and research was undertaken by Denis and Shem to find the right vessel, voyage timing, itinerary and a willingness to satisfy the demanding needs of keen photographers.

    The addition of Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting to the Iconic/C4 team not only brought amazing photographic expertise but also an incredible level of knowledge about the region from many previous visits. Working with both of these outstanding professionals was truly inspiring and teaches one to think very differently about photography.

    As a result of the meticulous planning the voyage was an outstanding success with the added bonus of a very good run with the weather.

    The One Ocean Expedition Leader and crew together with the Akademik Ioffe Master and crew did an exceptional job of working around the ice, the swell and the wind to find alternate sites so that we could land to capture our prized images.

    To Denis, Shem, Art, Frans, One Ocean and Akademik Ioffe many thanks for a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.

    Neville & Vivienne.

  52. Helen Newnham December 19, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    Thank you again for another outstanding photography tour, this time to Antarctica.
    As with all your tours this one was well researched and well run.
    The tour/expedition went beyond my expectations and I have come home with some truly amazing images.
    The input from Art Wolfe, Franz Lanting, Shem and yourself was superb and I learnt a great deal.
    The ship was of a sufficient size and quality to weather the worst the Southern Ocean could throw at us with hardly a queasy moment.
    The One Ocean staff were extremely helpful.
    Again many thanks for the tour and I look forward to the next one in Botswana in 2015.

  53. David Mierowsky December 18, 2014 at 1:18 pm #

    The trip to Antarctica met and exceeded all expectations!
    Well organized, well run, it was simply superb – an experience of a lifetime.
    The presence and guidance of Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting, as well as the support from Denis and Shem were simply outstanding.
    The choice of ship was excellent and the staff and crew on board made sure our voyage was truly memorable.
    Looking forward to my next trip to Svalbard!


  54. Frank Lehmann September 9, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    I would like to compliment you and Shem on the terrific organisation of my recent photography safari to Africa.
    As a complete novice with a camera and never having been to Africa I was somewhat apprehensive about the trip.
    I have emerged a better photographer under the patient tutelage of the professionals and would count this as an experience of a lifetime.
    The wildlife was extraordinary in its variety and I have wonderful memories and terrific photographs to share with family and friends.
    The accommodation was excellent with really friendly, hospitable staff and the food amazing!
    I will certainly do this again but next time with my wife who is also a keen nature lover.
    I highly recommend it to everyone.
    Best Regards,

  55. Anthony & Penny Lawrence August 31, 2014 at 2:17 pm #

    Denis and Shem,
    To observe and photograph animals in the wild in Africa is an absolute privilege, but to do so with expert photographers such as you both elevates the experience to a new level.

    The time that we spent with you on The Fairfax Premium Photographic Safari 2014 to Tanda Tula Game Reserve in the Timbavati and Mashatu in Botswana was filled with very many photographic opportunities and for me, from that, many photographic learning experiences. Not only did I enhance my knowledge and practical skills in the technical aspects of photography but I learned from you both how to use light and composition to tell a story and evoke emotion within a single image.

    I researched both Iconic Images International and C4 Images & Safaris before booking this trip.

    I was particularly impressed with the video Balm for the Soul on the website and I knew that I would glean from you both a deeper appreciation of the value of nature in our lives that I hoped could be reflected in my wildlife photography.

    Penny and I had a most enjoyable time on this trip with great camaraderie within our group of like-minded photographers.

    Denis and Shem, Penny and I would like to sincerely thank you both very much for the seamless organisation of the trip, great attention to detail, amazing wildlife experiences and the relentless pursuit of the best photographic opportunities while on safari, but probably most of all for your care and friendship and for helping us to appreciate the value of nature in our lives.

    Penny and I with our daughter Felicity are so looking forward to joining you both in Namibia next July.

    Kind Regards
    Tony and Penny

  56. Barbara Triggs August 31, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    Denis and Shem,
    I want to tell you both how much I enjoyed the Fairfax Photographic Safari.
    It was a truly amazing experience and I loved every minute of it.
    Your superb organisation which gave us a smooth, trouble free journey and your patience and assistance with our photography efforts made this a truly memorable safari.

    The special care I was given was much appreciated.

    Both of the camps we visited – Tanda Tula, in the Timbavati Game Reserve, and Mashatu in Botswana – were excellent.
    The guides were incredibly good at their job, not only finding the most cryptic animals for us but also positioning us for the best photography.

    There were so many highlights on this trip it is hard to select the best, but the first appearance of an elephant just an arm’s length away at the Mashatu waterhole hide was probably the most jaw-dropping experience I have ever had in the African bush. The privilege of seeing the rare white lions of Timbavati was another unforgettable experience. Add to these the sightings of a cheetah with five cubs, a lioness with three, so many beautiful birds – I could rave on and on.

    The last glorious sunset was a fitting end to a wonderful safari.

    Thank you again,
    Barbara Triggs

  57. Joe Lewit August 25, 2014 at 2:44 pm #

    Denis and Shem,
    What a wonderful two weeks we spent on the Fairfax Premium Photographic Safari to Tanda Tula in Timbavati Game Reserve, South Africa, and Mashatu in Botswana.

    We enjoyed extraordinary sightings on each and every day, including one of the rare white lions of Timbavati, a litter of five two month old cheetah cubs in Mashatu, and of course that magnificent ground level water hole hide with numerous elephant herds as well as several species of antelope and various birds coming in to drink while we were there.

    The attention to photographic detail was ever present, with one photographer per row to allow full freedom of movement both sides, and our vehicles being carefully positioned to optimise the light, the background and the overall effect of the subjects in their settings in all conditions.

    As well, both Denis and Shem were very generous in sharing their vast knowledge and expertise with respect to suggested settings and effects, pushing us to new heights.

    The rangers and trackers were superb in their ability to find elusive subjects day and night.

    On top of all that, every organisational aspect was of the highest standard, as were the creature comforts, the cuisine and the drinks.

    Everyone on the tour got on remarkably well, and the overall experience was outstanding.

    Now for the pleasurable task of re-living the memories through the review and post-processing of over 105 GB of images.

    I’m very much looking forward to participating in the Three Icons tour with Denis and Shem in October 2015.

    Very much appreciated,
    Joe Lewit

  58. Anna Mcalpine April 5, 2014 at 3:30 pm #


    A photographic safari with Iconic Images in conjunction with C4 images, is truly an outstanding experience. Of course, there are innumerable, powerful and unforgettable photographic opportunities where one feels as though you are virtually right beside the different animals without intruding on them. The support and guidance offered by the professional photographers – Denis, Shem and Jay, is always welcome – it is hard to imagine any other photographic safari that provides a professional photographer in each vehicle and that there are only three or four passengers in any of the vehicles at any time.

    One hears about the numbers of vehicles around many sightings and how hard it can be to photograph the animals, but that never happens – in many cases you are the only vehicle – and only on rare occasions does one share the photography with the other members of your group in their vehicles. This alone would be a very compelling reason to travel with Iconic Images. Fortunately there are many other reasons as well.

    The accommodation is always excellent – whether it be a luxury tent inside the Masai Mara or the almost indescribable luxury of the Manor House near the Ngorogoro crater.

    Denis Glennon from Iconic Images leaves no detail unattended. The organisation of the planes that transport you from camp to camp, the spacious, uncramped vehicles with their courteous drivers, food to suit all different tastes and requirements and his and Shem Compion’s constant attention that safari guests are cared for and that all their needs – however varied are attended to.

    Denis and Shem, another sincere and heartfelt thank you for the opportunity to explore this beautiful destination with the utmost confidence – take photographs that will remain precious memories – mix with like-minded guests – and to experience unforgettable scenes and moments.


  59. Jeff Lane MD April 5, 2014 at 3:55 am #

    Hi Denis,
    The Iconic East Africa trip exceeded all my expectations.
    My only regrets were completely outside your control in getting sick on the way over and missing out on some of the great food due to my food intolerances.
    The photo opportunities and instruction were superb.
    The accommodation at all lodges was excellent and your attention to detail was unsurpassed.
    I appreciated the care and input of all on your team Shem Compion, Jay Collier and Abraham Joffe, videographer par excellence.
    The support staff and drivers at all of the camps also deserve kudos.
    I would recommend your photographic safaris to anyone.

  60. Greg MUNYARD and Maria MUNYARD April 1, 2014 at 12:13 pm #

    “A world class photography safari, perfectly delivered”.

    We’ve just returned from our 3rd photography tour in 5 months with Denis Glennon (Iconic Images International), which tells you how much we love them.

    This trip was a photography safari through East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), to those legendary destinations the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, including Amboseli (and Mount Kilimanjaro), Lake Natron and the Ngorongoro Crater. Wow – what a trip! An internet search will reveal why a safari to such places is such a treat but it is special to be able to go to them all in one perfectly organised tour.

    Every destination was world class, the accommodation and logistics were superb (or better) and the animal sightings – and thus photo opportunities – often unbelievable.

    For example, time and again we found ourselves within a few metres (yes!) of 6-8 beautiful young lion cubs playing with each other, and their mothers, stalking then jumping on and tumbling over each other, typically in green grass with flowers throughout. Sometimes the cubs would walk right up near our vehicles, and look straight at us, out of curiosity.

    You can imagine the photos we took – amazing.

    We will never forget those days – and there were many of them.

    Speaking of vehicles, it was rare to see any other vehicle at the animal sightings than our small group.

    We are so grateful to Denis (Iconic Images International) and to his superb in-country colleague, Shem Compion (C4 Images & Safaris) for every aspect of their careful planning and execution of the safaris.

    We were also privileged to have had 2 other highly talented team members, Jay Collier (photography wizard) and Abraham Joffe (cinematographer), available to help us how to get the most of each opportunity.

    In short, a world class safari, perfectly delivered.

  61. Greg MUNYARD and Maria MUNYARD March 4, 2014 at 1:42 am #

    Like everyone else who we’ve discussed this with, we love travelling with Denis Glennon on his Iconic Images International photography tours.

    So much so, that we’ve recently returned from our 4th trip with Denis since 2012. This time it was “Incredible India”, which he led with another highly talented photographer, Gavriel Jecan, supported by a great local guide.

    We won’t detail the highlights of what was an intense, thoroughly diverse and fascinating trip through Rajasthan and Varanasi, Northern India other than to say that we loved the overall experience, even though some aspects were somewhat confronting at the same time. You won’t get bored in India.

    In such an intense environment it is almost priceless to have a tour leader with Denis’s vision, thoughtfulness, knowledge and organizational skills and sheer hard work to help things go smoothly. Whatever needed doing just happened, usually well before any of us even thought about it. And he is a delight to travel with – so much fun.

    We also became much better photographers, especially of people and street-life, as a result of the many tips we got each day from Denis and Gavriel. We became much more aware of the potential of any situation, of how to position ourselves best for the shots and it became much easier to quickly assess and adjust camera settings so as to be able to grab the moment when it was all happening so fast around us.

    We are so inspired we have booked 3 more photographic tours with Denis in Africa (where his knowledge and contacts are legendary) and another to Myanmar. Who cares if life is racing by, with that ahead of us?

  62. Cynthia Hovind February 11, 2014 at 9:25 am #

    Dear Gavriel and Denis
    I wish to thank you both for an excellent photo tour through the “Golden Triangle” of Rajasthan, Agra, and Varanasi, India.
    The trip was an amazing experience of color, scenery, ancient architecture, and raw Indian culture – all sensories were fully engaged the entire trip.
    The photo opportunities were endless – from the street vendors in Old Delhi to the Sadhus of Varanasi, it was impossible not to come away with images that will continue to transport me back to India in the years to come.
    Thanks again for the photo instructions that you both provided throughout the trip – the field is always the best classroom.
    As I reflect on the trip, I definitely found the experience to be transformative and would definitely consider other photo tours to exotic places with you.
    Thanks again,
    Cindy Hovind

  63. Robert Woodward February 5, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Eyes of India
    After months of anticipation and preparing for the photo tour ‘Incredible India’ with three weeks of photo-shoots, I was cordially welcomed to New Delhi ahead of the main photographic tour. Using this early arrival, I explored, predominantly the Government sector, with its beautiful architectural photo opportunities and found these words inscribed on face of the Secretariat Building north side – ‘Liberty will not descend to a people; a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed’.
    Very British I suspect!! (Yes; by Charles Caleb Colton). Pondering these words, I decided to adopt this theme for my own journey on our photographic tour and relate my observations and photos to how the British Empire may have contributed to the development of India.
    Meeting our two tour leaders – professional photographer Gavriel and self-taught, passionate hobby photographer Denis, other travel colleagues, our guide Harendra, our bus driver and our transport spotter; we soon formed a cohesive unit ready for our challenging photo-tour ahead.
    Seamless tour organisation and schedules with timings precise, hotels superb, our means of transport varied to include plane, long and short bus rides, cycle-rickshaws, autos (auto-rickshaw), camels, elephants and fleet-footed road walking called for an occasional relaxing glass of wine worthy at the end of each busy photo-shooting day.
    India, an incredible union of palaces and poverty, an overall population magnitude of 1.2 billion people, supported by their treasured 300 million cows; difficult to comprehend the numbers and we only saw part of this unique country.
    Denis and Gavriel have quite different styles about how they approach and mentor their travel companions; so there were ample opportunities to broaden our learnings from each in the field. Day by day, night by night we continued to build and enhance our knowledge of India’s culture through Harendra and embellish and hone our photographic skills through Denis and Gavriel.
    Back home, the joy of recapturing so many vivid memories through 10,000 images continues as I look back over the whole experience of ‘Incredible India’.
    The colours, the sounds, the magnitude, the religious aspects, the architecture, the people, wonderful weather and the many laughs we experienced made our journey fulfilling and rewarding.
    Well done ‘Iconic Images International’; my expectations were well and truly exceeded.
    It was more than just a photographic tour; it was a memorable journey of education, distinction and gratification.

  64. Cynthia Witney February 4, 2014 at 9:59 am #

    Hi Denis, Gavriel and “Prince Harry”,
    Thank you for an enlightening experience in India both from a photographic and personal perspective.
    The trip was very well organised, the accommodation excellent and the photo opportunities endless.
    The Manvar desert camp was wonderful and was a standout part of the tour.
    The other members of the group were very supportive of a “newbie” entering their ranks and were happy to share their knowledge and experience with “f stops” and Lightroom! Thanks everyone.
    I very much enjoyed Gavriel’s presentation and the photo critiques but would have liked more of these during the tour.
    The only downside (which was unavoidable) was the long bus trips on very rough roads and the speed with which we were ushered through the various photographic sites. Perhaps this was due to the Indian guides’ being unused to leading a photographic tour and to my relative inexperience with these tours, but a better targeted tour from a photographic perspective i.e allowing time for setting up for a photograph, in locations where there was known to be photographic opportunities, would have made a difference to my experience.
    I understand that this was the first photographic tour of India and I know my comments will be received in the constructive way in which they were meant.
    I hope to go on another Iconic Images photography tour in the future.

  65. Greg Munyard & Maria Munyard December 23, 2013 at 1:05 am #

    Another amazing photographic safari with Denis Glennon’s Iconic Images International

    We have just returned from an extraordinary photo safari, arranged by Denis Glennon’s Iconic Images, which lasted 3 weeks in the Okavango Delta and surrounds. Having been on two fantastic prior photo safaris with Denis we should not have been surprised at how good Okavango 2013 was but we still were thrilled with another wonderful experience.

    Denis’s concepts are visionary so the places we went to were great, each having a rationale that added to the overall experience. Each camp had many memorable moments, and while we loved how well we were cared for in camp, the experiences with the animals were often quite extraordinary. This was a result of Denis knowing what photographers such as us wanted, knowing the potential of each camp and how to achieve it, and then just making sure the necessary things happened.

    The organisation was first class, assisted by his delightful in-country colleague Shem Compion, who like Denis is also a top notch wildlife photographer and who also gave us insightful guidance and tips every day. Likewise, Jay Collier – an Australian who also is an African wildlife photography expert – helpfully guided us on every excursion, on all manner of things photographic.

    Consequently, we learned so much more about taking great photos – whether about light, animal behaviour, getting into position, optimal camera settings and technique generally – that everyone had some “wow” photos within days. We had great travel companions too, so the overall experience was so much fun. We can’t help ourselves so we have already booked more trips 

    Just extraordinary …. just Denis!

  66. Sarah Clozza December 17, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Hi Denis,

    The Okavango Delta 2013 tour with Denis, Shem and Jay showcased Africa and her stunning wildlife in a way I had never experienced before.

    The organisation, knowledge, accommodation and service throughout the entire tour ensured that although in wildly remote areas, our comfort, safety and enjoyment was always catered for.

    With the level of photography skill and support provided I returned to Perth a much better photographer than when I left, with many amazing photos of all kinds of African wildlife.

    It was also a very poignant and personal trip for me and Denis handled my needs with efficient sensitivity.

    Thank you to Denis, Una, Shem and Jay, I hope to travel with you again one day!

    Sarah Clozza

  67. Nev & Viv Bryant December 10, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    Okavango Delta 2013 was the next on our African “must see” list after Iconic images’ photo safaris to Kenya in 2010 and Namibia in 2012. In line with previous experiences every aspect of the tour was exceptional.
    The itinerary was well thought out to select the best locations so as to stay for the right amount of time to maximise the photographic opportunities and not lose a lot of time to travel.
    The accommodation and the staff were first class. Each had their unique qualitiies and culture as well as a drive to provide you with a very memorable stay.
    The diversity of the environment in the Delta provided a similar diversity in wildlife and some unique photo opportunities, eg, Lechwes leaping in water, herd of ~300 elephants crossing water, leopards, lions, wild dogs, etc.
    Organising a group of 15 photographers with heavy lenses is not easy and it is a testament to Denis and Shem’s detail plannning that everyone had good game drive access and the equipment was transported without incident.
    Travelling with like minded individuals is a great opportunity to share ideas and this was complimented by exellent evening educational sessions presented by Denis, Shem and Jay to improve or learn new techniques.
    Thanks to Denis, Shem and Jay for another fantastic experience which we will cherish.
    Nev and Viv Bryant

  68. Cheryl Mares December 9, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Okavango November 2013.

    Hi Denis,

    I really appreciated your, Shem’s and Jay’s support, both photographically and the wealth of knowledge of the African wildlife. Having some excellent guides in the vehicles who understood photographic requirements, was a fantastic advantage.

    The food and accommodation were excellent and the planning for the sundowner drinks in some cases was the most important agenda, along with the bar requirement of Jameson’s whiskey.

    Careing for the extra luggage with costly lenses was well planned for and there was ample space in our vehicles and boats for photographic gear to be protected. These comments indicate excellent planning by you, Denis thanks.

    Everyone on the trip enjoyed the evening seasons with Lightroom and Photoshop and listening to comments on the images that were supplied by all of us. I am sure we all improved our photographic skills, learnt more about the capabilities of our camera’s and of course, what other photographic equipment we want!

    Thanks to all, Cheryl.

  69. Mike Fidler December 6, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    Okavango November 2013
    No matter the expectation it was exceeded.
    Organisation – the best organised of any trip of any kind I have been on.
    Accommodation – luxurious.
    Birds – great.
    Animals – even the lions sleep walked for us.
    Photography – spectacular.
    Help and learning curve – fantastic.
    And all in the company of an accomplished and thoroughly nice group of people.
    Thanks to Denis, Shem and Jay

  70. Patti Schulze October 2, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    The accommodations were great and the staff at both places were outstanding, no complaints there.
    I know that Art wasn’t happy with the food at Mashatu, but I am not a foodie so I was OK with the food. But, I agree that Mashatu could use a cappuccino machine!
    The only regret I have is that I didn’t have the 200-400 lens! Not your fault on that of course. I felt that the 500 I had was too long in most cases, so I wished I had brought my 400 DO instead of the 500.
    Looks like the 200-400 is in my future!
    All in all, the Big Cats & Elephants Up Close with Art Wolfe tour was a great trip.
    Thank you for all your work in putting it together.

  71. Graham Morgan October 1, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    This is the fourth time I’ve travelled with Denis so that in itself speaks bundles.
    Namibia was enchanting and made all the more so by Denis and Art.
    Sorting through my images it’s only now that I realise how much we saw and did.
    I’m sure Denis lies awake at night thinking of new destinations and new ways to see old destinations, actually I know he does.
    No matter how much or how little expertise you have these trips work well for everyone.
    The same friendly faces seem to keep appearing giving these trips a familial charm. My wife and myself don’t always travel together and because so many of Denis’s fellow travellers are return guests it makes it much easier to share a room with someone you already know.
    We will be returning for more trips in 2014, can’t wait.
    All the best

  72. Barbara Wrubel September 30, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Now that I’ve been home a bit more than a week, I can begin to process the absolutely extraordinary trip you and Art Wolfe organized to Namibia. It was truly magical; unforgettable in the best sense.

    I write to thank you for the extraordinary care you so obviously took in planning and executing the trip — everything was perfect. Your skill and sensitivity as a guide and as a photographer are exemplary and very much appreciated.

    You made my experience of this fascinating country deeply moving and I suspect forever memorable.

    I will be searching your website for additional journeys with you, which I look forward to with enormous enthusiasm.

    This brief note is just by way of saying “thank you.”


  73. Graham and Noelle Morgan June 1, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    A belated note on what a wonderful time Noelle and myself had on the Big Cats Tour in September 2012.
    This was our second trip and as usual it was faultless.
    Wonderful time, great new friends and I can now say award winning images.
    Your web site is aptly named.
    Graham and Noelle

  74. Rosemary Mostyn March 29, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    Once again you have organised a very smooth operation in ensuring that our group enjoyed a truly wonderful and awe-inspiring photo tour of Myanmar…thank you!
    The research into obtaining the best accommodation, flights, variety of meals and visits to truly unique sites for the best photo shoots was thorough to say the least.
    It is a credit to local guide Win, Gavriel and yourself that we experienced such a successful trip.

    Those of us “point & shooters” who are not so familiar with the ins and outs of obtaining the best photos certainly appreciated the generous assistance from Win, Gavriel and yourself and we have come home with some memorable photos.
    Win, with his wealth of experience in guiding tours in Myanmar, was generous in imparting his knowledge of the Buddhist culture and people.

    Whilst we werre pretty much on the go for most of the time and I have to admit we felt rather exhausted at the end but happily so, we experienced some amazing sights many of which the average tourist would not be able to enjoy.

    I urge others to go soon and experience the delights of Myanmar on any future Iconic Images tour.

    To our great travelling companions… you were the best!!

    Warmest regards

    Rosemary & Phil Mostyn

  75. David Campbell March 27, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    Hello Denis

    Thank you so very much for the invitation to join a unique, captivating and remarkable tour of Myanmar.

    It was clearly evident that a lot of planning had gone into this trip long before we landed in Yangon. In such a quickly changing and emerging country where you can expect anything to happen, the fact that everything went so well is in itself quite remarkable.

    Whilst the organisation and tour was absolutely first class, it was the opportunity to see and photograph a country, its people and culture in a manner that very few will ever experience is what I am most grateful for.

    The combination of skills, knowledge, and personal manner of yourself, Win and Gavriel was outstanding. You were able to bring together a vast depth of experience and knowledge in a friendly and helpful manner that provided us with excellent and unique photo opportunities that were both rich and endless.

    The group came together from wide ranging backgrounds and life experiences but worked so well together.

    It would be an absolute pleasure to tour with such a group again.

    Again, thank you and all the very best.

    Kind Regards

    David Campbell

  76. Una Mooney March 26, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

    Our recent trip to Myanmar was both memorable and unique.
    The uniqueness of our experience was brought home to me when upon returning from our first morning’s shoot I shared a hotel lift with another group of tourists. One lady remarked that they had been to seven pagodas that morning.

    I silently compared our morning’s experience where we had traversed a century in time photographing the city of Yangon waking up to another new day.
    Each day offered a new but equally remarkable experience.

    Your desire and ability to push the envelope a little bit further every time, your meticulous attention to detail in planning, your experienced contacts on the ground as well as the photographic expertise your team provides made for an altogether special experience.

    Thank you Denis and your team.

    Thanks also to my travelling companions, you all contributed to making it a wonderful holiday.

  77. Denise and Roger Bollag March 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

    Dear Denis,
    What an experience we had travelling with you and the small group to Myanmar.
    The organisation, hotels and the guides Win and Gavriel were outstanding.
    We are “amateur” photographs, compared to the rest of the group, but we had the opportunity to see things which no “normal” travel agency or tour can offer.
    Thank you again and best regards,
    Denise & Roger

  78. Peter Randell March 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    Dear Denis,
    “Mystical Myanmar” was all you promised and more – faultless organisation with the mechanics of getting us around in a frenetic environment, excellent accomodation and a thoughtful tasty array of meals to demonstrate the variety of foods available in this surprising country.
    Towering over these mundane but essential aspects of travel was the photography. Unique scenes hit daily, from market scenes the likes of which I have not seen before, to cloth-making crafts including lotus plant sap weaving.
    There were fishing images from river and lake that showed skills which may not be around in the next generation.
    We were most fortunate to be taken by knowledgeable people to sites they knew were special and to which they had garnered special and frequently exclusive access.
    My special thanks to Gavriel for his worldly photographic eye which he shared so generously, and to the remarkable Win with his language and cultural skills as well as his photographic expertise.
    Finally, you again selected a great group of fellow photographers from which I have made good friendships which I hope will continue into new adventures.
    Thank you.
    Peter Randell.

  79. Helen Newnham March 26, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    A very big thank you for an amazing trip to Myanmar – what an extraordinary country.
    Thanks must also go to Gavriel and Win for their expert knowledge of Myanmar.

    As with all Denis’ trips (this was my third) the preparation and attention to detail is always the best such that everything that can be done to maximize the experience, is done.

    This was no ordinary tour but rather a very unique look at Myanmar. One that in many respects was a ‘behind the scenes’ tour that the average tourist simply does not see. Photographically it was very rich with many opportunities set up especially for us.

    The group was small which maximized the experience and gave one-on-one access to Denis, Gavriel and Win. We had privileged access to monasteries and on a number of occasions young monks who were gracious and compliant with our many requests. We also had access to women and children in small villages; bullock carts that went up and down, backwards and forwards in the setting sun; fisherman who patiently cast their nets over and over again so we could get our images in the magical light of the setting sun.

    The images are stunning.

    The highlight for me was Inle Lake. We visited villages built on stilts over the water; lotus weavers; silk weavers; the Padaung woman with their long ringed necks and the fisherman with their conical nets demonstrating their fishing prowess.

    Myanmar is changing and changing quickly. There is no better way to see and photograph it than on a tour such as this.

    Thank you to all of you for your generosity and patience with my many questions and to my fellow travellers thank you for your company and good humour.

    Kind regards

    Helen Newnham

  80. Amy Schutt March 26, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    Hi Denis,


    Thank you so much for organising my adventure to the Chobe National Park, Botswana. From start to finish the trip was seamless and meant I did not have to worry about anything and was greeted by friendly faces wherever I went. Not only was it a trip of a lifetime, but because of your connections with Pangolin photo safaris I got the pictures to prove it! As a novice photographer I also learnt a lot more about how to get that perfect shot, especially when your subjects are animals on-the-go.

    I was fortunate to photograph every animal I could have hoped for – lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, giraffe and the list goes on. I did not only capture them, but had the equipment and the tools (specially designed photographic truck& boat) that got me even closer to the animals, secure the best shot possible and get those critical yet fast moments such as a lion kill.

    Sometimes after visiting a place you have not been to before you get better insights of places to stay, timing etc and come up with how you would maybe do it differently next time. I would not change a thing, you were on top of it and knew how to maximise my stay and ensure everything I had hoped for and more was a reality.


    Amy Schutt

  81. Lisa Burke March 26, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Hi Denis,
    I wish to express our gratitude and report on the great trip to Botswana you/Iconic Images arranged for my son Solomon and me.

    It was absolutely fantastic!
    Young Solomon loved, loved, loved the whole trip.
    Everything was perfect!
    The favourite camp was Mashatu as Solomon made such a beautiful connection with the guide Bashi.
    This gentleman touched our hearts whilst delighting us with viewing lots of game.

    We saw all the animals.
    The service was superb.
    The food delicious.
    The staff were so lovely.
    And, as you said, of course there was not a moment where Solomon got bored.
    We got so many fabulous photos.

    We thank you very much for preparing this unforgettable trip for us.

    As well has having a wonderful time I have come back very inspired to continue my work to help save the whales and dolphins.
    My swimwear label, Lisa Blue, donates 25% of the profit to the Australian Whale Conservation Society.
    After being in Africa I have an even deeper wish to do what I can to help preserve our beautiful planet.

    Oh and I must mention that I got to meet the President of Botswana whom was also staying at Mashatu.
    What a wonderful man!
    Also very inspirational.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Warm Regards

  82. Greg Munyard & Maria Munyard December 11, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    We are back from the amazing Big Cats Photo Safari with Denis Glennon in September 2012. Sooooo much fun!

    My wife had wanted to go on a safari for a while but I wanted to find one that ticked all the boxes. We had heard about Denis Glennon’s trips and they seemed ideal, especially as we knew he would get us as close to great animal experiences as was possible, given his photography skills and his background in Africa.

    We wanted to enjoy the Africa experience while feeling safe and comfortable and among like minded travellers. We also didn’t want any dramas, and we wanted to learn how to take better photos.

    We got all that and more! From the outset, the accommodation and facilities were great. We had everything we wanted and felt really looked after – yet we always felt that we were out there, on safari. We felt that we experienced what Africa is about while still feeling as cared about as one feels on a special holiday.

    A large part of that came from Denis and his 2 well chosen colleagues, Shem and Jay. Those guys are highly capable, very helpful and ideal to go with on photo safaris. Every outing was a delight. We also benefitted because Denis had done it all before and knew how to get the best experience that each camp could provide. Nothing was ever any trouble and he and his team just made things happen. There was a lovely warmth and personal touch about the whole experience.

    We were also lucky to be in just a small group of like minded people, so we maximised the potential of every outing. We could not have had better experiences. We didn’t just go sightseeing; we saw how the animals lived. It was very special.

    It was worth the money just to go on such a well organised safari. But in addition, the experience helped me to reflect on life generally, and that was an unexpected bonus. I’m no longer in the corporate world but it would be a great program for an enlightened company to provide for key personnel.

    Finally, I got fantastic help in taking better photos, so we captured the experience really well. Others did, too; some of the shots were amazing. I learned a huge amount about taking good photos in all sorts of situations, including getting the best out of my camera. Now that we are home, I’m getting a second rush of happy hormones, as my photos have enhanced our memories. Nice 

    My wife does not take photos but she loved the trip and got just as much out of it as I did. She loved being able to get so close to the animals and recommends non photographers go, too, as they would have just as good a time.

    Since we now know how good Denis’s safaris are, we have booked on 2 more already.

    Can’t wait …

  83. John Wiseman December 9, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Hi Denis,

    It was on incredible experience.

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you.

    Since being home life has been continuing on a very hectic path, like most.

    I am still waiting on some of my images to come back from the lab.

    Denis, I would like to let you know the images I was able to capture, and have back and printed, when we were on the “Big Cat Photo Safari” is in some ways,beyond belief. Not only did we get the BIG FIVE in the first few days, the variety of animals we were able to photograph in the few short weeks was just incredible.

    The Hide was just awesome, the images of the different animals/birds at the watering hole are some of my favourites — Black Back Jackals, Banded Mongoose, Baboons, Hyaenas[Red Faced], the small family of elephants plus all the different members of the antelope family.

    I nearly forgot the ever popular Warthogs and to be entertained by the extraordinary Bee Eaters; I managed one or two reasonable shots of those as well.

    Another of the many HIGHLIGHTS was to be able to see the Rhinoceros; the White Rhinos and the the very rare Black Rhino – I think a few of those images are going to be fine.

    The leopard choice was unbelievable [we have some stunners] not sure what we are going to do with them all?

    I could keep going on Denis and still not cover what we saw and photographed.

    I would like to comment on the extremely high level of on-going coaching that we received which I believe was the main reason that I was able to come home with the quantity and more importantly quality of high class images.

    Lorraine & I would like to congratulate you and your team of Shem and Jay on an amazing BIG CAT SAFARI and wish you, Una and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Kind Regards

    John & Lorraine Wiseman

  84. Barry Barnes October 31, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Just by chance! The Big Cats Photographic Safari 2012.

    After meeting Denis through a mutual friend in July this year I mentioned that I wanted to learn more about photography- he kindly offered to help.

    We discussed the possibility of me joining one of his 2013 photo safaris to Africa as all 2012 tours were fully booked. I said “Just by chance if anyone had to cancel on the ‘Big Cats’ tour in September, please give me a call as I would love to join you”.

    It was hard to believe but the day before the tour began someone from Perth did cancel and I was able to join them. There was no way I would pass up on that opportunity. Lesson #1: Do not hesitate to go onto the waiting list!

    My main concern and first comment to Denis was: “How will I go or fit in, seeing that I am virtually a beginner and with new equipment in a group of 10 photographic enthusiasts and 3 pros”? He laughed and assured me: “You will be fine”.

    He added, “Jay Collier is a Canon specialist. He will work with you to assist you understand your new camera, and I’ll place you in the same vehicle as Jay for the first few days.” It worked a treat and Jay was amazing. His intimate knowledge of cameras and photography is exceptional, lots of patience and I was up and running in no time! Jay, I can’t thank you enough.

    After that, I got to go for the next few drives with Shem who’s local knowledge of Africa, safaris, animals and the people, not to mention photography is amazing. I learnt so much just being around him. His help and generosity with his time was fantastic. Thank you again, Shem.

    Apart from his vast knowledge of photography, Denis is a real leader. His ability to handle people and all types of situations with seamless ease is outstanding. The amount of thought, attention to detail and planning that has gone into these tours is a credit to Denis. Surrounding himself with the very best professional team in Jay and Shem is what helps make these Iconic Images’ photographic tours, world class.

    Well the tour was amazing to say the least.

    Add to that a group of keen photographers all really nice people who made this a real pleasure to be part of. The food and accomodation were great and the game drives and photo opportuniteis including the underground elephant hide were sensational.

    I must say my skills and knowledge have improved out of sight.

    There is no other way you could get this quality of tuition in such magnificent locations than on these tours with Denis and his team.

    Next time won’t be just by chance ….. I’m booking for 2013, in good time.

    Barry Barnes

  85. Dot Obst October 26, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    Recipe for a fantastic photographic safari

    1. Firstly take the organisational skills, professionalism and foresight of Denis. His ability to put a group of like minded people together in such magnificent surroundings to enjoy and follow their love of photography is to be applauded. These tours take a huge amount of organisation and Denis is just the person to be at the helm. Everything ran like clockwork. Thank you Denis.

    2. Now add Shem into the mix. Shem’s knowledge of Africa, when and where to go and his contacts in the industry in Africa are without a doubt a large reason why the tour was such a huge success. His ability to pull a bus out of thin air, find a generator for a welder on a Sunday afternoon in remote Botswana did not go unnoticed by someone who knows how hard it is to achieve these things out of nowhere. Thank you Shem for showing me more of this fantastic continent.

    3. Then we add Jay and his amazing encyclopedic camera knowledge to the safari. Jay’s passion for Africa and his photography is truly inspirational. Ever ready to help all the participants with questions on anything and everything photographic, Jay’s assistance touched all of us and certainly had us all up and running with complete ease. Thank you Jay for all your help with my new camera and tips on using the big lens, as well as all your photographic tips and advice.

    4. Most importantly, add the key ingredients of leopards, lions, cheetahs, elephants (wow sharing that elephant hide with a herd of elephants was an “iconic” moment), all in abundance and not to mention all the other animals we enjoyed and photographed.

    5. Now throw in all the great camps, food, SA wines, helpful staff and most importantly the local guides and drivers. Everyone in each of the camps went out of their way to ensure we all had a great safari.

    6. Lastly throw in a group of keen photographers to share such a unique opportunity. A great group to travel with and enjoy this fantastic experience. Thanks everyone.

    I had a ball and totally enjoyed every moment. I have quite a few iconic images and am now totally hooked on bird photography. My photography has improved heaps and this trip will go into my memory as a very special life experience.

    Denis, you, Shem and Jay are professionals and the recipe you have put together produces a 5 star safari.

    I will certainly be joining you all again.

    Thanks to all.


  86. Jay Collier October 26, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Hello Denis,
    Thanks again for yet another highly successful and photographically rich experience on “Big Cats 2012”.
    Having toured Africa and previously guiding photographic tours for other companies, I can honestly say that the level of experience, planning and the expert team you have in place, far exceeds that of the competition.
    I look forward to joining you on our next adventure on Okavango Delta 2013
    Jay Collier

  87. Sandy Bril August 21, 2012 at 10:34 pm #

    Hi Denis
    I thank you and your team of Shem, Jay, and Abe for a most memorable and rewarding safari/holiday in Namibia. This experience was truly amazing in the breadth and depth of subjects provided by this magnificent country. It was a daring venture to propose, self driving over 5,000 kms on all kind of road surfaces, but it worked despite the few flat tyres, batteries, cracked windshields, etc. What we got to see and experience, not just plenty of wildlife but a ghost town, nomadic people, deserts and sand dunes, a spectacular canyon and so on, was an adventure most people can only dream of. And there we were, living the dream. Highest compliments to yourself (special mention to Shem) for the superb organisation of this journey.

    As a novice (less than a year) to DSLR, I was initially concerned that I might be an anchor, holding back the experts and experienced photographers. You assured me early that I would not be so. I thank you for your time and patience in providing me with extracurricular tuition before the safari and then allocating Jay, a true camera genius (or if I exaggerate, a genie) to guide me on my personal safari to photographic excellence (or something like it). And also many thanks to Shem and Abe for sharing their keen photographic knowledge with us over and over again during the course of our Namibian journey.

    If anyone were to ask, I would absolutely recommend the kind of photographic experience and journey of sef discovery, you offer. Learning in a classroom or from books only carried me so far, which wasn’t very far. Learning from experts/experienced photographers in multiple and varied situations as we did in Namibia is like rocket propellant. I certainly feel more confident and my Facebook friends think I should be working for National Geographic (Haha)!

    Finally, thanks for putting together a fine bunch of fellow travellers. It adds so much more enjoyment to the adventure to be able to share stories, experiences, tribulations, jokes, dinner and good wines with like minded friends. I know you ‘choose’ your guests carefully and you did it well to all our benefit.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to join another of your adventures in the future.

    Best Regards

  88. Pam & Wayne Osborn August 20, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    Our profound thanks for 3 fantastic weeks on safari in Namibia.
    The logistics were superb and coupled with a well thought through itinerary and good company, made for very pleasurable shooting indeed.
    We both enjoyed getting back to landscape photography (it had been a while) as well as the indulgence of wildlife work.
    It would be hard to surpass such a tailored approach for photographers and having the special talents of Shem, Jay and Abraham on hand as we went set a very high bar indeed.
    Well done for putting together such a well planned and memorable experience.

    Pam & Wayne Osborn

  89. Neville & Vivienne Bryant August 15, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Having been on the very successful Kenyan Safari in 2010 it was only a question of which one would be our next safari and when we would find time. Denis had mentioned the concept of a Namibian self drive safari in 2010 and it had considerable appeal to us. Fortunately things all came together for us to be able to commit to make this trip.

    The trip far surpassed expectations in all aspects. With the thorough and detailed planning of Denis and Shem Compion everything ran extremely smoothly and, whilst a lot of behind the scenes work was being done to ensure everything was in place at our arrival destinations, we were able to focus on the most important aspects – photography, the menu and the wine list!

    This trip expanded a lot of photographic horizons for many from wildlife to architecture, landscapes, star trails and portraits. The extensive knowledge of these subjects by both Denis and Shem was complimented and extended by Jay Collier and Abraham Joffe. Watching these 2 professionals at work was an experience and a motivation to challenge oneself in both still photography and videography. The theory sessions prior to attacking each genre of photography along with “in the field” advice were of great assistance in ensuring that everyone was able to maximise the gain for their level of competency. The quality of images put up on “show and tell” night was testament to benefit of such coaching.

    All of the facilities we stayed at were the best available for the various locations and provided extremely comfortable and unique African experiences in some very special locations.

    Once again, thank you to Denis, Shem, Jay, and Abraham and our travelling colleagues for a very special Namibian experience and an enrichment of our photographic knowledge.

  90. Helen August 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Firstly a very big thank you for accommodating me on the trip to Namibia. I appreciate your generosity. Very different from Kenya but equally enjoyable if not more so and I thought Kenya was pretty special. I look forward to my next trip with you/Iconic Images, whenever that might be.

    The self drive photographic tour of Namibia was exceptional. Thank Denis and Shem for the most fantastic photographic trip imaginable. (I never imagined I would be treated to a “chauffeur driven” delf-drive tour!)

    One of the really enjoyable aspects was the access to the four profesional photographers and the help they offered with good grace and understanding of my limited ability. Whilst I have photographed wildlife before with Denis & Shem in Kenya this trip was especially good as I learnt about landscape photography. It went well beyond my expectations and I have come home with some truly amazing images.

    The accommodation, meals and the places we visited were superb. Denis and Shem really do their homework.

    There were many highlights but just to mention a few, the balloon flight over the dunes at Sossusvlei, the sunrise, sunset and star shoots at Dead Vlei and the leopard hide at Okonjima.

    Thanks also to my fellow travellers for their company and friendship.

    Helen Newnham

  91. Heather Dey January 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    I arrived in Botswanna a complete novice with my camera however with the endless patience and time that you Shem and Jay where prepared to give to me I developed an understanding of my camera (that the book of instructiions did not help me achieve.)
    Time and encouragement led me to see things differently, now I see many good things to photograph. I was impressed by the organisation, flexability and communication with the drivers and spoters that allowed a ladies car to go out.

    I enjoyed every minute of the excperience and want to thank you, Shem and Jay for all the help I recieved.

  92. Graham Morgan January 8, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    To Denis, Jay and Shem,
    The organisation of this trip was simply amazing, creating a foundation for the unique blend of opportunity and expertise we had access to.
    Spending all this time surrounded by encouraging colleagues photographing the Okavango has improved my skills, in particular my ability to manually control the images I want. I have had several trips to Africa but never have I returned with so many “keepers.”
    Timing our trip just as the wet was beginning was a master stroke and to see the Okavango under “big skies” was magnificent.
    The selection of camps and the wealth of local knowledge combined to make this trip the magical experience it was.
    I’ve been home a month and still think about our adventure every day.
    Denis, I’m looking very forward to joining you again.

  93. Bob Dey January 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm #


    I would like to congratulate you, Shem and Jay for a most complete experience. I essentially booked for Heather based on her desire to both experience Africa and its wildlife and to achieve a step improvement in her technical and “artistic” photographic knowledge. I initially tagged along to be support for Heather. I took a ‘point and shoot’ camera to take a few people type photos. However based on your advice we also took a back up camera (borrowed Canon 500D) just in case of a failure of Heather’s Canon 60D. A day or two into the trip I began to use the 500D. I soon learned the lens wasn’t good enough and swapped for a better quality one. The camera surprisingly did quite well. So first learning; beg, borrow or buy the best lenses you can afford. Thanks for your spare lens, Heather.
    The willing assistance from yourself, Shem and Jay in all matters photograhic has seen me return expecting and planning to continue the photographic journey. With help from Jay we now know which equipment we should purchase for our purposes. I now have photos which have been admired. I now know the optimum software to buy to support Hearther’s and my future photography. And further to all that, Africa and particularly Botswana was impressive.
    The seminars you conducted pre-trip, the quality of the organisation, selection of camps and flexibility to accommodate every person was impressive.

    Heather and I are still debating about who gets the new Canon 7D. We have agreed to share the new lenses.


    Bob Dey

  94. Chris Hilton December 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm #

    Hi Denis
    Thanks for what was a fabulous wildlife photographic experience. My thanks to Shem and Jay as well.
    I learned far more about photography than I expected, and as a result of good camp choices, saw far more wildlife than hoped for.
    The camps, their staff and the food were all first class.
    The software education class was a hit and I have now purchased Adobe Lightroom 3 as a result.
    I hope to join you all on another African wildlife Safari at sometime in the future.
    Kind regards

  95. Judy Hilton December 27, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Dear Denis
    As a “point and shoot” photographer, mainly of my Grandchildren, I suggested your Safari to Chris because of his love of wildlife photography. I am now hooked! I feel very privileged to have been part of this terrific adventure and it was a great introduction to the wonders of Africa! I felt safe on the game drives with our knowledgeable, patient, drivers and scouts, comfortable with the travel between camps because of the great organisation, and free to ask questions regarding my new 7DSLR camera of yourself, Shem and Jay at any time. I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial on Lightroom and look forward to finishing the culling and getting down to some serious editing. I took many more photos than I ever thought I would as the enthusiasm among the group was catching! On that note, the tuition I received from yourself, Shem and Jay was excellent and maybe in future it would be possible to include a structured session solely for beginners.
    I look forward to travelling with you again in the future.
    Best wishes to you all
    Judy Hilton

  96. Anna McAlpine December 26, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    Dear Denis
    I know that Alan has replied to you, but I noticed that you invited feedback from the ‘spouses’.
    Whilst I did not participate in the photography (maybe next time ) – I loved every minute. Waiting whilst others focussed or composed was a joy for me because I could take in all the surroundings and the action and consequently many moments are fixed in my memory.

    Waiting whilst others took photos was so much easier than other tours we have been on, where the others jump out of the car or bus, put the camera to their eyes and simply snap and within seconds are back on the bus. It can be a strain to wait for Alan whilst he focuses or composes a beautiful scene when the others are in the bus and ready to take off! None of that tension on the Botswana trip.
    I am still amazed by the organisation – and the way we were met by buses, boats and planes – I especially enjoyed the variation of getting a boat across the Zambesi and piling into the waiting bus – and then watching the action as trucks waited to cross the river. I had mistakenly thought the trip would be a few hours long — in fact I wished it had!

    The accommodation was excellent and the staff have won my respect and admiration – extremely professional – and the guides’ /drivers’ patience when manouvering the jeeps (‘forward’ ‘back’ – ‘forward just 2 inches ‘) was outstanding; as is their knowledge of the animals, the insects, the plants and so on.

    I feel we were very spoiled – the number of planes and ‘jeeps’ and having the lodges exclusively to ourselves. There are many moments to savour – aborting a flight so an elephant could be reunited with its parent was quite exciting – I have passed that onto one of our friends who just flies boring old A380s.

    You did ask for constructive comments. These are observations rather than the latter. As the environments for the camps were so similar perhaps a camp where it is different (I do realise that they had been chosen because of their similarity). And, as digital photography now involves so much computer enhancement perhaps more tutorials on the software. Una did mention to me that you were considering bringing a projector next time.

    I know a few of us (mainly the McAlpines) found the early starts somewhat challenging – but this is probably something we need to prepare ourselves for.
    It was obvious that there was a huge range of skill and experience amongst your group – so maybe on another tour – more in house ‘lessons’ for the new or middle learners – by this I mean a tutorial, not in the jeep, but a prep type of tutorial prior to the actual excursion. I make these comments really to fulfil your request because it’s too easy just to say ‘everything was great’ which it was!!
    Again thank you for this opportunity – and you must take Una on all your trips – despite her protests ! She is great fun !

    You might be interested in a comment I heard at a dinner table the other night – a very experienced traveller said she had heard that “you can really only go on safaris before you’re 55, otherwise they are too demanding.” I imagine that could be the case with some, but it certainly was not the case with your trip.

    We will write to Shem and thank him personally – what an exceptional young man!

    His respect and regard for you was evident at all times.
    We wish you the best for 2012
    Anna McAlpine.

  97. Frank Dekker December 24, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    Hi Denis,

    The Botswana trip was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it and in my opinion is a once in a lifetime experience, I will never forget. Nothing but praise for how smoothly everything went. As an “outsider” or only non Australian in the group, I felt honored to be readily accepted among the group. Special kudos for Shem and Jay for being so helpful, patient, and providing me with so many tips regarding Wild life Photography and Lightroom.
    No words can describe my feelings of having been part of this workshop. Denis, thank you for an unforgettable trip that delivered as promised. First Class!

  98. Daniel Clozza December 22, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Dear Denis, Shem and Jay,

    Thank you for a wonderful experience in Botswana. I have visited Southern Africa several times over the last 10 years and this was without a doubt the highlight.
    The abundance of wildlife was truly amazing. This coupled with the green landscape and cloudy skies made for some fantastic images.
    Your team worked extremely well together and each shared a wealth of photographic knowledge and a passion for Africa and wildlife.
    The organisation of the trip was exemplary and I look forward to joining you again in 2012.

  99. Graeme Allan December 20, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    Dear Denis, Shem and Jay.
    What can I say? The trip to the Okavango Delta and the optional extension to Victoria Falls, were superb.
    I had never shot wild-life before, being more attuned to photographing things and places. I was completely unprepared for the abundance of wildlife is such natural settings.
    The high points for me were [1] the level of organisation, which provided a trouble free environment in which to concentrate on the job, [2] the level of professional assistance that was always on hand and which made me a much more thoughtful photographer, [3] the congeniality of the group, which produced a wonderful group dynamic and [4] the hospitality of our hosts at each of the camps that we utilised. And on top of that, I can now photograph birds in flight…completely unexpected.
    Would I sign up for another [similar] photographic experience?
    In a heartbeat.
    It was a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful to you, Una, Shem and Jay for making it so.

  100. Gary Want December 12, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    This was my first African Safari experience, chosen for its ability to provide for photographers, and I was not disappointed. The camps throughout Botswana were well selected and the wildlife encountered was amazing. The combination of photographic and wildlife knowledge brought to the safari by yourself, Shem and Jay made the journey educational, enjoyable and most of all memorable. I have taken more photos than I thought possible.

  101. Morden O’Hare December 12, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    Many thanks for the well organized and wonderful trip to Botswana you organized and from which I have just returned. Thanks also to Shem Compion and Jay Collier. I learnt a lot, had a great time have many good pics and am already figuring out how I can join you on one of your Namibia tours in 2 or 3 years time.

  102. Heather Dey August 25, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    Dear Denis and Shem,
    I am in awe of some of the photographs that I saw at the ‘Nature and Wildlife Photophaphy’ seminar at the Perth Zoo. The location, catering and facilities provided us with a most enjoyable experience.
    Denis and Shem, you work well together and your presentations are complimentary to each other.
    As a beginner at photography I now feel enthusiastic and encouraged to “have a go”.
    Bob and I look forward to our Afican Safari with you both, & the opportunity to learn more.

  103. Tony & Pat Stroud October 20, 2010 at 6:55 am #

    Dear Denis,
    We would both like to thank you especially, but also Nick, Shem and Greg for such a wonderful experience. The preparation and organisation was exemplary and must have involved many hours of work, and we were truly impressed that it all went off so smoothly. Pat and I were particularly delighted by the efforts you went to to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary – it was probably the most memorable of all 44!

    The rest of our trip, to England and Italy, went off very smoothly too but was an anti-climax after Kenya, and was somewhat marred by poor weather.

    Looking forward to catching up with you again on 11th.

    Tony & Pat.

  104. Neville & Vivian Bryant October 3, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    Viv and I were fortunate to have participated in the 2010 Kenyan Safari. It was a fantastic combination of thorough planning, well selected accommodation, excellent venues with the added bonus of exceptional photographers from both C4 Images and Iconic Images to encourage and assist everyone, regardless of skill level, to gain maximum benefit from the tour. The extent and quality of wildlife that we witnessed far exceeded our expectations and we really appreciated having the time to be able to wait for quality images rather than just “ticking boxes” and moving on.
    Neville & Vivian

  105. Rosemary Moyston October 3, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Hi Denis

    Just wanted to thank you so much from us both for the great trip to Kenya. It was an amazing experience and has left us filled with so many wonderful memories of our first visit to the ‘real’ Africa (I am not counting our travels to Morocco) . Of course this couldn’t have happened without all the hard work and preparation organised by Nick and yourself. I am sure it has left many of us itching to go again and to start planning our next safari.
    Like everyone, we are now wading through our photos – I am trying to whittle down my better images (to me anyway) to just a few in number. I have blurred a few – probably because I didn’t use a tripod, didn’t focus properly or always use the beanbag as I found I wasn’t tall enough to reach up to the lens so had to stand on the seat. I am also now working on some ideas for my artwork.

  106. Helen Newnham September 24, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    Dear Denis
    We are the ones who should be thanking you.
    It was a fabulous trip and the time and effort you put into the various camps and tour groups was well worth it.
    I will certainly consider other ventures with you to Africa in the future.
    I am looking forward to catching up with you and the group in early November.
    Helen Newnham

  107. Denis September 24, 2010 at 7:32 am #

    Dear All,
    This short email is simply to say “Thank you sincerely” for undertaking your holiday/photo safari to Kenya with me.

    As it was a first photo safari to Kenya for Denis Glennon Photography/Iconic Images, a great deal of research and planning was undertaken prior to selecting the destination, the on-ground handler and the individual camps/lodges.

    I trust this pre-departure work and the on-ground services provided for each and every participant (i) a memorable holiday and (ii) a hard-drive full of iconic images.

    The group worked extremely well together and I thank you individually for the generous manner in which you cooperated with the busy schedule and the intermingling of photographers in the various vehicles.
    Best wishes with the enjoyable task of culling and selecting many iconic images over the next few weeks (or months).

    As soon as I have a suitable venue and date confirmed for the “Get-Together Night” I will let you know; as discussed in Kenya, I am targeting the first week in November.

    I will keep you informed of new photo safaris and if you have any thoughts on how I might enhance future ones, please do let me know.

    Once again, thank you for your support.

    Warm Regards and Straight Horizons,

  108. Viv & Nev Bryant September 21, 2010 at 11:41 am #


    Many thanks for a wonderful experience on the Kenya Photo Safari and your thorough research, planning, selection of sites, accommodation and consultants. The tour far exceeded our expectations in terms of wildlife sightings and photographic tuition. I am sure we will all be encouraged to take our skills up a level and seek the perfection that you aim for. We have made some excellent new friends and I feel sure we will maintain contact with some either socially or on future adventures into Africa.

    I think the format was ideal by leaving the best to last so we got past the “cataloguing wildlife” stage and were looking for quality shots by the time we reached the Mara. Also appreciated having adequate time in each location to be able to sit and wait on subjects instead of the “tick the box” type safaris where you are on a tight schedule and lose valuable time every day or so by moving.

    We have a massive culling exercise to complete and look forward to meeting all again in November.

    Kind regards,

    Viv and Nev Bryant

  109. Peter & Gayle Randell September 12, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    Hello Denis,
    Thank you most sincerely for our remarkable experience in Kenya.
    What a blast!
    This was the best three weeks of my 3300 weeks on this planet!!
    Gayle,The Non-Photographer allegedly on this safari was also ecstatic about our experiences and with the help of Shem Compion and other world-class photographers,has produced her own great images.
    We have been spoilt by excellent planning, superb accomodation, knowledgeable driver/guides who could predict animal movement and understood photographer requirements, good food and absolutely wonderful company.
    It was most rewarding to have the company of fellow photography enthusiasts, sharing tips and comments while the action unravelled before our eyes.
    Fellow travellers rapidly became friends and shared equipment and knowledge generously.
    We owe you.
    Peter and Gayle.

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