Two Months Old Cheetah Cub with Mother by Joe Lewit

Sony a77ii / Sony SAL70-400mm G SSM @400mm / 1/500 sec. / f5.6 / ISO 500

We had heard of a cheetah with five two month old cubs being out and about somewhere within the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

It was quite unusual for there to be such a large litter, and especially that cubs so young were out of hiding.

Our rangers and trackers got to hear of a sighting and headed off in search.  As usual on this safari, their uncanny abilities took us to our rendezvous.

The mother had a freshly killed impala partly hidden under a scrubby tree, and she and her five cubs were resting in the shade.

We were able to get reasonably close, and photographed the individual cubs as well as the whole family group, but at one point one of the cubs approached its mother with this intense look of attachment, and I was able to capture it, framed in the soft curve of the mother’s body.

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