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Canon Collective/Iconic Images Photo Safari – Namibia 2016



Canon Collective/Iconic Images Photo Safari in Namibia

UPDATE: We regret to inform you that all places have been reserved on this photo safari.

Canon Australia in conjunction with Iconic Images International invites you to join the team from The Canon Collective (www.canon.com.au/collective) on a once in a lifetime photo safari in Namibia.

What makes this photo safari unique? The Canon high performance camera equipment included for you to try out and use !!!!

All guests will have shared access to cameras including the 5D-S, 5D-SR, 1DX, 5D Mk III and 7D Mk II, as well as lenses which will include the EF 200-400mm f4L IS, EF 500mm f/4 Mk II, EF 600mm f/4 Mk II, EF 400mm f2.8L IS, EF 300mm f2.8L IS, EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS, and EF 100-400mm f3.5-5.6L IS II and much more.

Each guest will be provided with at least one super telephoto lens, 70-200mm or 100-400mm lens and camera body per shoot as well as shared access to a range of wide angle and other speciality lenses throughout the tour. The equipment will be rotated between guests after each shoot to ensure each guest has equal opportunity to access each lens.

This photo safari provides a rare opportunity for you and your friends to experience the African safari of a lifetime as you photograph alongside three professional photographers. Irrespective of your existing photography expertise or experience you will be taught how to capture the expanse of Namibia’s landscapes and photograph the smallest details in wildlife. While you learn about camera technique and approaches to composition, our aim is to transform your photography, not merely add to it.

This small group photographic safari (a maximum of TWELVE participants ) has been created for photographers and emerging photographers who have a passion for photographing Namibia’s landscapes, culture and its wild animals in their natural environments.

Namibia – An Ancient Land

Namibia is a land of big skies and grand vistas blessed with captivating light; a place where uncluttered horizons seem farther away than you have ever imagined.

It also a place of solitude and reflection.

In Sossusvlei, as you drive along a desert road the eastern sky blossoms from steely grey to a riot of reds. Silence falls like a blanket when you stop, the sand squeaking underfoot as you begin your ascent of some of the tallest sand dunes on the planet. Without even reaching the summit, the revelation of beauty is startling. Gazing over the ancient landscape, you reflect on the human empires that have risen and fallen under its steady gaze. It is this timeless, striking beauty that makes Sossusvlei one of Africa’s most inspirational places to photograph. Shooting in the presence of a photographer who specialises in this ecosystem is a highlight of this photographic journey. Recently, Hougaard Milan has photographed the southern desert areas of Namibia, more than any other photographer.

With an area of just under one million square kilometres and a population density of under 2.5 people per square kilometre, there is hardly another country on the planet where there is such intimate access to the mysterium of life.

Namibia is one of the most empty, barren and unbelievably beautiful countries in Africa, perhaps on the planet. It possesses an austere, dramatic beauty. The landscapes, wildlife and people evoke and release creativity in your photography. All the elements of its nature: stones, sands, deserts, dunes, rivers and animals are there anew in the freshest dawn light you will ever come to know.

Like few other places, Namibia’s light and colours bring out a sacred presence in the heart of nature. Indeed, it is the very elemental forces you will find here which inform and elevate creativity as you decide what to include in your frame. You will feel privileged to be here. You will be treated to some of the most spectacular scenery and nomadic cultures (e.g. the Himba people of Damaraland who still dress and live according to ancient customs) .

The country’s coastline is designated a national park! The Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park stretches 1600 kilometres from the Kunene River in the north to the Orange River in the south. It is the only country on earth having its entire coastline protected as a national park.

We will travel from the magnificent Fish River Canyon close to the South African border to Etosha National Park in Damaraland – a truly unique photographic journey. That is what you will experience, if you join us on this photo safari.

Highlights – to choose is difficult!

  • Fish River Canyon – the immensity of this magnificent landscape is truly breathtaking.
  • Ghost town of Kolmanskop – photographic art in peeling paint, broken windows and silent streets all buried by shifting sands.
  • Dune landscapes of Sossusvlei – with options to photograph from a balloon, fixed wing aircraft or helicopter. The cost of taking one of these options is approximately an additional US$450/person .
  • Pre-dawn Dead Vlei – a near mystical experience as you photograph this unforgettable place, free from people other than those in our group.
  • Sunset in Dead Vlei – when you will capture many of your most memorable images on this photographic journey.
  • Star photography in Dead Vlei – a surreal photographic experience (staying late may be subject to park ranger approval, based on 2015 experience).
  • Remote Damaraland – where time seems to stop and the panoramic landscapes seem to go on forever and hopefully you will have a chance to photograph the unique desert adapted elephant in the dry Huab River.
  • The nomadic Himba people – and their still intact culture. This is always a highlight for portrait photographers.
  • Etosha National Park – without doubt, one of the best game reserves in Africa where the variety of wildlife will take your breath away.
  • Windhoek & Swakopmund – the well preserved German architecture will surprise and delight you.
  • Enjoy the spirit of Africa – time each evening to sit, in peace, enjoying the spirit of Africa in some of the most magical places the continent has to offer.
  • Not more than three photographers per vehicle in Etosha – you will appreciate the extra space if you use large lenses.
  • Hougaard Malan – travelling in the company of and being tutored by South Africa’s top landscape photographer.
  • No camera gear weight restrictions – you will be “chauffeur” driven throughout the entire photo safari
  • Travel & photograph with people of kindred spirit – all participants will be keen photographers, some experienced and some wishing to learn; all are welcome.
  • That adrenalin-tingling anticipation when a photographic adventure is just around the corner – it must be one of the best feelings in the world!

Namibia is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding places in which you will ever photograph. My unqualified aim is to ensure you come home with the best possible images and unforgettable memories of a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience as we photograph the jewels of Namibia together. You will not be wasting time searching for shots; we will take you to the iconic locations where you will be helped by professional photographers with intimate knowledge of the areas.

This photographic journey is confined to a maximum of twelve (12) participants, excluding the leaders.


The journey commences on 22 September 2016 and finishes on 8 October 2016, starting and ending at Windhoek International Airport, Namibia.

22 Sept Arrive Windhoek International Airport River Crossing Lodge – 1 night
23 Sept Drive to Fish River Canyon Fish River Lodge – 2 nights
25 Sept Drive to Luderitz/Kolmanskop Luderitz Nest Hotel – 2 nights
27 Sept Drive to Sossusvlei Sossus Dunes Lodge – 3 nights
30 Sept Self-drive to Swakopmund Hansa Hotel – 1 night
1 Oct Drive to Damaraland Damaraland Camp – 1 night
2 Oct Drive to Grootberg to photograph Himba Grootberg Lodge – 1 night
3 Oct Drive to southern side of Etosha NP Okaukuejo Camp – 2 nights
5 Oct Drive to eastern side of Etosha NP Namutoni Camp – 2 nights
7 Oct Drive to Windhoek River Crossing Lodge – 1 night
8 Oct Transfer to Windhoek International Airport N/A

You can also download the more comprehensive itinerary by clicking the DOWNLOAD ITINERARY button in the sidebar.

Vehicles & International Flights


All vehicle hire and fuel costs are included in the cost of the photo safari.

We will be using three air conditioned, high rise vehicles (Mercedes Vito model or similar) to transport up to 5 people in each vehicle between locations. All vehicles will be driven by local professional drivers supplied by the vehicle hire company. No participant will be required to drive.

In Sossusvlei we will use vehicles supplied by Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) for two photographic shoots in Dead Vlei – one in the morning and one in the evening. Subject to permission being granted by NWR, the latter will include a session on star photography. The NWR vehicles will be used to transfer participants across the 5 kms of soft sand into and out of Dead Vlei.

In Etosha National Park we will use open game viewer type vehicles having three rows in the back, ensuring that each participant will have has a ‘seat row’ to himself/herself. These vehicles will be driven by local drivers/guides having extensive experience of Etosha National Park and the optimum waterholes for wildlife photography.

International Flights

Should you require help with flight bookings for this photo safari please contact Nick Missikos at Our World Travel (OWT) for professional travel help. In the event you intend booking flights yourself, using your frequent flyer points or other means, Nick has offered his assistance to all participants in Iconic Images’ photo tours and safaris to ensure they get best available/most cost effective flights for their desired routing. Nick may be contacted at nick@owtravel.com.au or on 08 9221 9977 or A/H on 0408 912 884.

Please note the costs of international flights to/from Africa are NOT included in the costs of the photo safari.

Costs, Terms of Payment, How to Register & Separate Canon Deed Poll

The all-inclusive cost is: US$12,950/person, twin share (or the equivalent in AU$ at the time of making the final payment).

To view what is/is not included in the photo safari please see page 14 in the downloadable PDF by clicking DOWNLOAD ITINERARY in the side box.

A single supplement of US$3,950.00 (or the equivalent in AU$ at the time of payment) applies, if specifically requested. There are only two unshared rooms available and these will be allocated in order of receipt of payment of the single supplement.

All Iconic Images’ photo tours and safaris and international workshops are priced in US dollars .

To minimize currency exchange risks, payments should only be made in US dollars to the US dollar bank account of Our World Travel.

For details of this account please contact either Janet or Nick Missikos on +61 8 9221 9977 or send an email to janet@owtravel.com.au or nick@owtravel.com.au

Should you wish to use your credit card for payment in US dollars please check with your bank or financial institution to determine the most cost effective way to do so.

Terms of Payment

1. A non-refundable 25% deposit together with a completed Registration Form, on or before Friday 12 February 2016.

2. A second non-refundable payment of 25%, payable on or before Friday 15 April 2016.

3. A final payment of the remaining 50% on or before Friday 10 June 2016.

How to Register

To register, you are required to complete two forms:

  1. An Iconic Images International Registration Form (3 pages).
  2. A Canon Australia Deed Poll Form (1 page).

To download the Registration Form and the Canon Deed Poll Form click the “REGISTRATION FORMS” button in the sidebar, download and print a copy of each form, complete all three pages of the Registration Form and the one page Canon Deed Poll Form. When you are satisfied you have provided all the information requested, return both forms, together with payment of the first deposit, to:

Our World Travel, Shop 1/113 Royal Street, East Perth, Perth WA 6004, Australia, attention Mr Nick Missikos.

Places will be allocated on the basis of receipt of the completed Registration Form together with payment of the initial deposit and a copy of the mandatory travel insurance policy.

Photo Safari Leaders

hm picGuest Photographer – Hougaard Malan Hougaard is one of the co-founders and owners of CapturEarth.

In a few short years Hougaard has established himself as a name that is synonymous with landscape photography in South Africa.

He has one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of Southern African scenery, and he is quickly expanding his gallery beyond the shores of Africa.

His work shows his understanding for creating images that communicate the essence of a location, instead of just being a pretty picture. He wants his photos to remove the viewer from their present location and transport them to the scene so they can feel the breeze and see the golden light of the setting sun on their skin. That is the purpose of a landscape photo, to experience the beauty of a place without being there.

On this photo safari you will capture the expanse of the Namibian landscape to the smallest details in the Namib desert with Hougaard’s assistance as he teaches you how he photographs his signature images. While you will learn a little about technique, Hougaard’s experience in the Namib desert and his inspirational approach to composition of these magnificent landscapes will transform your photography, not merely add to it.

Hougaard will join the group for all photography shoots at Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop and Sossusvlei. To view some of Hougaard’s stunning images of Namibia and else, click: CapturEarth.

andre-pic 200 X 200Andre Cloete – Andre’s knowledge of and passion for wildlife and birding helped inspire and shape his interest in photography from a young age.

Years of honing his craft with film allowed him to master digital photography and its complexities with ease, allowing him to capture a mood or moment in the African bush. Andre’s photographic style emulates motion and speed, showing glimpses of action, movement and behaviour not often noticed by the human eye. Andre has had a number of his images published in magazines such as the BBC Wildlife Magazine, Weg and Getaway and in 2003 Andre won the Mammals Behaviour Category in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, for the photograph of a wild dog chasing a zebra at dawn.

In 2005, Andre and his friend Shem Compion started a wildlife safari photographic company, C4 Images and Safaris. Their vision has been to take enthusiastic photographers, novice and experienced, to wildlife destinations with the best game viewing potential at ideal times of the year. C4 has, over the past nine years, become the leading specialist photographic safari business in South Africa. They continue to push the boundaries of creativity and provide varied and exceptional destinations. Unique photographic hides and workshops in Mashatu, Botswana are also a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife and how to capture it on camera.

Jay Collier SIJay Collier – Jay has been photographing African wildlife professionally since 2004. Having travelled to destinations including Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, Jay has built a strong portfolio of images as well as a deep knowledge of the diverse species and behaviours of Africa’s wildlife. Working in the professional photographic industry for over thirteen years, Jay currently works for Canon Australia, until recently managing the Canon Professional Services (CPS) group which is responsible for supporting many of Australia’s leading professional photographers.

His technical understanding of photographic theory and the technologies, features and functions of today’s cameras and lenses is second to none. This expertise has been accumulated from working with both Canon and Nikon, in the professional photographic divisions of both companies. Participants will be able to avail of this expertise during this photo safari. His images and articles have been published in magazines, including Africa Geographic and Better Photography, and in commercial advertising campaigns in Australia. In 2007, several of Jay’s images made it through to the semi-final stage of judging in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. His passion for photographing Africa knows no bounds!

Andre and Jay are professional photographers with a long history of photographing Africa’s kaleidoscopic wildlife, landscapes and cultures.

Emma Desira CC Portrait for PDF

Emma Desira – Emma’s initial interest in photography began in the dark room at school. She went on to receive a formal education with a background in Fine Arts and this interest is now a deeply entrenched passion. After working in a range of photographic environments, Emma has found her niche in Travel and Landscape Photography. She currently works as a Consumer Experience Manager with Canon Collective, Australia and has developed a strong portfolio taking every opportunity to explore, capture and document locations through her lens both locally and abroad. 

For Emma, venturing into the unknown and photographing new people and places; the landscapes, cultures and histories is enthralling. She uses photography to document inspiring experiences and encounters. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and has recently received awards at both a state and national level. Emma also brings to this photo safari her extensive experience as a photography educator. Having further trained in Fine Arts Education she is well skilled in teaching photography as both a technical and creative medium.

This is Emma’s first time working with Iconic Images International and we extend to her a very warm welcome to the world of Africa’s wildlife. I am confident she will get the ‘bug’ and this will not be her last time to Africa.

If You Would Like More Details

If you would like to discuss any aspect of international flights for the photo safari, please contact the sole booking agent, OurWorld Travel – East Perth, Shop 1/113 Royal Street, East Perth, Western Australia 6004, on 08-9221 9977 ( or from outside Australia on +61 8 9221 9977) and request to speak to Mr Nick Missikos. Alternatively you can email Nick at: Nick@owtravel.com.au

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the journey before making a decision to join us, please contact: Denis Glennon AO on 0418 923 103 (or from outside Australia on +61 418 923 103) or send an email to denis@denisglennon.com.

Alternatively you can contact Jay Collier at: Jay.COLLIER@canon.com.au or call him on 0410 608 790.

Ensure you download the comprehensive itinerary containing most of the information you will initially need, by clicking on “DOWNLOAD ITINERARY’ in the box on the right hand side.

If this photographic journey is not for you, perhaps you might consider forwarding the information to a friend, who may like to know about it. Thank you in advance.

Pre-departure Information & Checklists

To assist you prepare for this photographic journey I have compiled a comprehensive, downloadable and printable PDF. It contains helpful information on:

  1. Travelling with and looking after photographic equipment in Africa.
  2. Downloading and backing-up images every day.
  3. Power supply in Namibia for charging batteries, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  4. Vehicle etiquette and consideration for fellow passengers and photographers.
  5. Keeping healthy in Africa.
  6. Money Matters in Namibia.
  7. Immigration and Customs at Windhoek International Airport, South Africa.
  8. Arrangements to meet you on arrival at Windhoek International Airport.
  9. Travel documents, personal items & clothing checklist.
  10. Personal medical items checklist.
  11. Camera equipment checklist – this is a comprehensive list and you should not be overwhelmed.
  12. Summary itinerary.
  13. Guide to paying gratuities.
  14. Denis’ suggested choice of lenses and other camera equipment for this photo safari.

The information in the PDF will help you to select what to pack, especially your camera equipment. The intent is to ensure you leave nothing behind so that you return home with a collection of great images, and many magnificent memories. A copy of this PDF will be forwarded to registered participants approximately six weeks before departure for Namibia.

View Sossusvlei – Namibia in a larger map

Sossusvlei - Namibia


If you would like to discuss any aspect of international flights, please contact the sole booking agent, Our World Travel – East Perth, Shop 1/113 Royal Street, East Perth, Western Australia 6004, on 08-9221 9977 ( or from outside Australia on +61 8 9221 9977) and request to speak to Mr Nick Missikos. You can also email Nick at: Nick@owtravel.com.au

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the photo safari, before making a decision to join us, please contact: Denis Glennon AO on 0418 923 103 or denis@denisglennon.com

Alternatively you can contact Jay Collier at: Jay.COLLIER@canon.com.au or call him on 0410 608 790.


Download the PDF containing full details on payment terms and registration, the itinerary, what is/is not included, cancellation policy and fees, compulsory travel insurance, health considerations, responsibility, liability, and packing camera gear for travel.



To reserve a place, download, print a copy of each form, complete and return both the III Registration Form and the Canon Deed Poll Form to Our World Travel.




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C4 Photo Safaris provides the on-ground logistics for Iconic Images' photo safaris/tours in Africa and is a SATSA member. The SATSA logo signifies that C4 Photo Safaris offers services that are of the highest quality and the company is deemed to be a credible and reliable provider of services to the tourism industry in South Africa. These services are independently audited on an annual basis. SATSA members are bonded, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held against the involuntary liquidation of a SATSA member.

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