African Hair Drying by Denis Glennon AO

Canon EOS-1DX / Canon 200-400mm @ 300mm / 1/25 sec. / f/8 / ISO 800

This lion got caught in the open in the middle of a rain storm in the Sabi Sands area. There was no worthwhile shot until the lion decided to get rid of some of the water from his mane. He did the “hair drying” trick twice only.  I missed the first head spin completely. As soon as he finished the second head spin he got up and walked away! I managed to get three sharp shots with the 1DX firing at twelve frames per second. The slow shutter speed of 1/25sec. captured the “motion ” of the head whilst retaining sharpness in the body. Photographed from a vehicle using a Wimberley sidekick on a monopod.

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